Song Links

Week 14 April 4, 2019 (#1871)

Marking Carnegie Hall’s Migrations ~ The Making of America festival:
Fiona recalls the connections that captured her attention when she first traveled in the U.S. by exploring what ties her native landscapes to the music of the Southern Appalachians, featuring music from the Fellside Recordings Song Links 2 collection.

Shady Al Petteway & Amy White from Land of the Sky (Maggie's
The Jean Ritchie from Song Links (Fellside)
The Al Petteway & Amy White from Land of the Sky (Maggie's
The The Devil's Interval from Song Links (Fellside)
The Devil's Nine Bruce Molsky from Song Links (Fellside)
Cape Ian Hardie from Westringing (IanHardie)
Wedding T with the Maggies from T With the Maggies(Compass)
[ID excerpt] Craggy Pinnacle...Al Petteway from Mountain Guitar (Fairewood)
Barbrie Mary Humphries & Anahata from Song Links (Fellside)
Sligo Kim Robertson from Shady Grove (Gourd)
Barbara Cassie Franklin with Southern Brew from Song Links
Draggle-tail Benji Kirkpatrick from Song Links (Fellside)
Seven Yellow Dolores Keane from There Was a Maid (Claddagh)
Clayton Skip Gorman from Song Links (Fellside)
Red Haired Boy/Cold, Frosty Morn Šby Al Petteway from Mountain Guitar