New Releases and Debuts

Week 24 June 13, 2019 (#1881) Screaming Orphans from Life in a Carnival (
True Lover Malinky (with Len Graham) from Handsel (Greentrax)
The Green Snowflake Trio from Sun Dogs (Ta:lik Records)
The Braes o' Malinky from Handsel (Greentrax)
Doctor O' The Gloaming from The Gloaming 3 (Real World Records)
[ID excerpt] Bridget O' Steve Baughman from Shootout at Convict Lake (
Happy Screaming Orphans from Life in a Carnival (
Horpe's Hawktail from Unless (Padiddle)
Hogeyed Qristina Brooke from Linger (
Bodach Innse Chrò Diamh from The Rough Bounds (
Happy Diamh from The Rough Bounds (
Sheehan's The Gloaming from The Gloaming 3 (Real World Records)

Raise Your Voice

Week 23 June 06, 2019 (#1880)
The Broom of the Cowdenknowes…by The Black Family from The Black Family (Dara)
Lassie, Lie Near Me…by Corrina Hewat and Friends from Scottish Women (Greentrax)
Sail Away…by Malcolm Dalglish & The Ooolites from Pleasure (Ooolitic Music)
Mari Lwyd…by Carreg Lafar from Hyn (Sain)
Novel…by Ensemble Choral du Bout du Mond from Celtic Christmas Music From Brittany (Green Linnet)
Dùlamán…by Anuna from Omnis (Celtic Heartbeat)
Blow Northern Wind…by Mediaeval Baebes from The Rose (Nettwork)
Land of Light …by Tannahill Weavers from Land of Light (Green Linnet)
ID Excerpt: Lick the Maypole…by Mediaeval Baebes from The Rose (Nettwork)
Against the Wind…by Máire Brennan from Máire (Atlantic)
Travellers’ Prayer…by Mairead Ni Dhomnaill & The Voice Squad from Travellers’ Prayer- John Renbourn (Shanachie)
Canan Nan Gaidheal…by Gaelic Women from Ar Cánan ‘s Ar Ceòl (Greentrax)
Hush Hush…by Maddie Prior & The Girls from Bib & Tuck (Park)
Island Spinning Song…by National Youth Choir of Scotland from There’s Lilt in The Song (NYCOS)
Another Train…by The Poozies from Chantoozies (Hypertension)
Banba Ó Clannad from Banba (RCA)

Christine Kydd: Shift and Change

Week 22 May 30, 2019 (#1879)
Scottish Traditional Music Hall of Fame inductee Christine Kydd is a leading singer of traditional and contemporary Scottish songs. She is also a popular music educator, working with all age groups to bring song to the heart of communities. We feature her latest album Shift and Change, while Christine talks about selecting the material to include and introduces the cast of musicians who collaborated with her.

Slave's Chantan from Primary Colours (Culburnie Records)
Sailor Christine Kydd from Dark Pearls (Culburnie Records)
Braes o' Christine Kydd from Shift and Change (Greentrax)
The Wild Geese/Norland Christine Kydd from Shift and Change (Greentrax)
Blue Christine Kydd from Shift and Change (Greentrax)
[ID excerpt] Old & Janet Russell & Christine Kydd from Janet Russell & Christine Kydd (Greentrax)
Just Another Rolling Christine Kydd from Shift and Change (Greentrax)
This is the Christine Kydd from Shift and Change (Greentrax)
Trilogy for Peace: The Waters of the World, All Shall Be Well, Peace Christine Kydd from Shift and Change (Greentrax)
Shift and Christine Kydd from Shift and Change (Greentrax)
The Back o' Reres Christine Kydd from Shift and Change (Greentrax)

Scent of Spring

Week 21 May 23, 2019 (#1878)
Spring is in the airs… and the jigs, reels and songs as we put out a musical welcome mat for the season.

Echo’s Calling...Joe McKenna from The Irish Low Whistle (Shanachie)
The March Nightnoise from Shadows of Time (Windham Hill)
Brighid’s La Lugh from Celtic Woman 2 (Lughnasa)
Morning Kim Robertson from Dance to Your Shadow (Narada)
Yellow on the Sheena Wellington from Clearsong (Dunkeld)
Logan Water/Pennan Ossian from The Carrying Stream (Greentrax)
ID Excerpt: Piper’s Despair…by Kim Robertson from Dance to Your Shadow (Narada Media)
May Morning Moving Hearts from The Storm (Son Records)
Til the Sun Comes Katie McMahon from After the Morning (Paradigm)
Even in the Deaf Shepherd from Even in the Rain (Deaf Shepherd)
The Crow in the Liz Carroll from Lost in the Loop (Green Linnet)
The Jacqui McShee’s Pentangle from At the Little Theatre (Park)
Inner The Whistlebinkies from Inner Sound (Lochshore)


Photo by Keith Taylor

Week 20 May 16, 2019 (#1877)
Kick back with some soothing voices and free spirited instrumentals, featuring Dougie MacLean, Maire Brenan, Karen Matheson and Davy Spillane.

Ca Dé Sin Do’n Té Sin…by Clannad from Banba (RCA)
Bonnie Jean…by Karen Matheson from Time to Fall (Vertical)
Pamela Rose Grant/The Ewie Wi’ the Crooked Horn/The Scolding Wives of Abertarff…by Tony McManus/Alan Genty from Singing Sands (Greentrax)
‘S fhada leam an Oidche Ghemhradih…by Dougie MacLean from Riof (Dunkeld)
Teehan’s…by Michael McGoldrick from Fused (Compass)
The Lowlands of Holland…by Donal Lunny from Coolfin (Blue Note)
ID Excerpt: Midnight Walker…by Davy Spillane from Pipedreams (Tara Music)
Little Sadie …by John Doyle from Wayward Son (Compass)
An Honourable Peace/The Drip…by William Jackson from Duan Albanach (Mill)
Bí Liom…by Moya Brennan from Two Horizons (Decca)
What Makes You Dream…by Bohinta from Belladonna (Celtic Collections)
Swedish…by Karen Tweed & Timo Alakotila from May Monday (Northside)
Ubi Caritas…by Connie Dover from The Wishing Well (Taylor Park)
Darklight…by Davy Spillane from A Place Among the Stones (Columbia)

Season of Light

Week 18 May 2, 2019 (#1875)
Marked in early May, Beltane is one of four quarter-day festivals in the old year. Join our celebration of the natural elements – Air, Earth, Water and Fire – in a Beltane-themed hour of music.

Fire Richard Wood from Fire Dance (Iona)
Roly Gentle/Hot Rivets/Tartar Frigate/Closed Face Kathryn Tickell from The Very Best of Kathryn Tickell (Park)
Huron 'Beltane' Fire Loreena McKennitt from Parallel Dreams
(Quinlan Road)
Tine Gheal/Bright Anam from Tine Gheal/Bright Fire (Linn)
An Hour in the Jim Malcolm from The First Cold Day (Beltane)
Blackberry Festival Footrace/For Hanneke Cassel from For Reasons Unseen(Cassel Records)
[ID Excerpt] Firedance/ Brendan Power from Brendon Power Plays the Music from Riverdance (Greentrax) Lúnasa from Lúnasa (Compass)
We Build The Poozies from Raise Your Head (A Retrospective) (Compass)
The Fire of the Richard Souther from Illumination. Hildegard von Bingen:The Fire of the Spirit (Sony)
Flowers of Spring/The Wily Old John Carty from Yeh, That's All It Is (Shanachie)
Snowdrops/ Maddy Prior from Year (Park)
A Rosebud By My Early The Birnam Quartet from The Music of Burns
(Shoogle) Bill Whelan from Riverdance (Celtic Heartbeat)

The Great Tapestry

Week 17 April 25, 2019 (#1874)
Marking Carnegie Hall’s Migrations ~ The Making of America festival:
Follow the great musical migration from Scotland, through Ulster to Appalachia. Maggie MacInnes, Tim O’Brien, Cara Dillon, Jean Ritchie, Sheila Kay Adams and others share songs that tell the story of a remarkable musical diaspora.

Benton’s Jig/Benton’s Dream… by Patrick Street from No. 2 Patrick Street (Green Linnet Records)
It Was a’ For Our Rightfu’ King…by Dougie MacLean from Craigie Dhu (Dunkeld Records)
The Crossing…by Tim O’Brien from The Crossing (Alula Records)
The Rambling Irishman…by Len Graham & Brian O’hAirt from In Two Minds (Bua Music)
The Winding River Roe …by Cara Dillon from Sweet Liberty (Rough Trade Records)
The Earl o’ Cassillis Lady (The Gypsie Laddies)….by Norman Kennedy from Live in Scotland
(Living Tradition)
Gypsy Davy…by Julee Glaub from Blue Waltz (Troubadour-ess Music)
Wayfaring Stranger/British Field March…by Timothy Cummings from The Piper in the Holler
(Birchen Music)
Young Hunting/Elzig’s Farewell….by Sheila Kay Adams from The Other Fine Things
(Granny Dell Records)
Old George’s Square….by Jean Ritchie from None But One / High Hills and Mountains
Shady Grove…by Doc Watson & David Holt from Legacy (High Windy Audio)
Rain and Snow…by Pauline Scanlon from Hush (Compass Records)
A Mountaineer is Always Free…by Pierce Pettis from State of Grace (Compass Records)
The Parting Glass…by Al Petteway & Amy White from High in the Blue Ridge
(Fairewood Studios)

Atlantic Bridge

Week 16 April 18, 2019 (#1873)
Marking Carnegie Hall’s Migrations ~ The Making of America festival:
From dance tunes to Gaelic airs, the musical links between old world and new come alive with Scotland’s Alasdair Fraser, Cape Breton’s Dougie MacDonald, Ireland’s Maeve Donnolly and more.

Atlantic Bridge….by Davy Spillane from Atlantic Bridge (Tara Music)
The Brown One: Strathlorne/Ciaran Kelly’s/The Golden Brown Chevette…by Dàimh from
Moidart to Mabou (Goat Island Music)
Cape Breton Song…by Capercaillie from Delirium (Survival)
St. Joseph’s Hornpipe/Crossing the Minch…by Hamish Moore from Stepping on the Bridge
Captain John’s/The Queen of May…by Geraldine Cotter from The Independence Suite
(Celtic Crossings)
Hè Mo Navan from The Independence Suite (Celtic Crossings)
Lime Hill/Trip to Miriam’s/The Jinkin’ Mermaid/Mutt’s Favourite…by Liz Doherty from Last
Orders (Foot Stompin’)
ID Excerpt: A Miner….by Dougie MacDonald from A Miner (Dougie MacDonald)
Prince Albert’s Reel/Drowsy Maggie/Jenny Dang the Weaver/Lord Kinnaird…by Kilt from
Four in the Crib (Kilt Music Group)
Distant Son…by Dougie MacLean from Riof (Dunkeld)
Nova Scotia January/Waltz from Cape Breton…by Chris Norman from Portraits (Dorian)
Shrip’s Clog/Virtuoso Maeve Donnolly from The Independence Suite
(Celtic Crossings)
Haidh O…by Maggie MacInnes from Peaceful Ground (Marram)
The Duke of Kent’s Lodge at Glentilt/Malts on the Optics/Farewell to Decorum…by Tracey
Dares from Crooked Lake (Ground Swell Recordings)
The King’s Reel/Old Time Wedding Reels/The Cape Breton Symphony’s Welcome to the
Shetland Isles/Father Francis Cameron/Sandy McIntyre’s Trip to Boston…by Alasdair Fraser and Jody Stecher from The Driven Bow (Culburnie)

Made in America

Week 15 April 11, 2019 (#1872)

Marking Carnegie Hall’s Migrations ~ The Making of America festival:
Travel from the 1920s with legendary fiddlers Michael Coleman and James Morrison, to the thriving 1970s session scene and hear the evolving sound of Irish traditional music in the United States.

Paddy Fay¹s / Tatter Jack Walsh/Hole In the BoatŠby Laurence Nugent from The
Windy Gap (Shanachie)
Lord MacDonald/Ballinasloe FairŠby Michael Coleman from The Wheels of the
World, Vol. 1 (Shanachie)
The Night Pat Murphy DiedŠby The Flanagan Brothers from The Wheels of the
World, Vol. 2 (Shanachie)
The Tractor Driver/ A Tune For the GirlsŠby Liz Carroll from Lake Effect
(Green Linnet)
Barrel Rafferty¹s ReelŠby Mike Raggerty & Mick Moloney from Traditional
Irish Music in America- The East Coast (Rounder)
I¹m Leaving TipperaryŠby Pate White from The Wheels of the World, Vol. 1
Sailing HomeŠby Frank Quinn & Joe Maguire from The Wheels of the World,
Vol.1 (Shanachie)
My Irish Molly-oŠby DeDanann from The Star Spangled Molly (Shanachie)
ID Excerpt: The Piper¹s Despair/Julia Delaney¹sŠby Eileen Ivers from Dear
Old Erin¹s Isle (Nimbus)
Rakish Paddy/The Wheels of the WorldsŠby James Morrison from The Wheels of
the World, Vol.1 (Shanachie)
KillarneyŠby Deirdre Connolly from A Song in Turn (Glentrague Records)
Drowsy Maggie/Scotch Mary/Flogging ReelŠby Patrick J. Touhey from The Wheels
of the World, Vol. 2 (Shanachie)
A Tribute to Ed ReavyŠby The Green Fields of America from Live in Concert
(Green Linnet)
The Conspiracy/Nuala¹s Bonnet/The Croton Dam/The InvasionŠby Jerry
O¹Sullivan from The Invasion (Green Linnet)

Song Links

Week 14 April 4, 2019 (#1871)

Marking Carnegie Hall’s Migrations ~ The Making of America festival:
Fiona recalls the connections that captured her attention when she first traveled in the U.S. by exploring what ties her native landscapes to the music of the Southern Appalachians, featuring music from the Fellside Recordings Song Links 2 collection.

Shady Al Petteway & Amy White from Land of the Sky (Maggie's
The Jean Ritchie from Song Links (Fellside)
The Al Petteway & Amy White from Land of the Sky (Maggie's
The The Devil's Interval from Song Links (Fellside)
The Devil's Nine Bruce Molsky from Song Links (Fellside)
Cape Ian Hardie from Westringing (IanHardie)
Wedding T with the Maggies from T With the Maggies(Compass)
[ID excerpt] Craggy Pinnacle...Al Petteway from Mountain Guitar (Fairewood)
Barbrie Mary Humphries & Anahata from Song Links (Fellside)
Sligo Kim Robertson from Shady Grove (Gourd)
Barbara Cassie Franklin with Southern Brew from Song Links
Draggle-tail Benji Kirkpatrick from Song Links (Fellside)
Seven Yellow Dolores Keane from There Was a Maid (Claddagh)
Clayton Skip Gorman from Song Links (Fellside)
Red Haired Boy/Cold, Frosty Morn Šby Al Petteway from Mountain Guitar

World Beat

Week 13 March 28, 2019 (#1870)
Circumnavigate the globe with the sounds of Afro-Balkan-Latin-Urban-Country-Celtic fusion from Eileen Ivers and other master blenders!
Whisky & Sangria…by Eileen Ivers from Crossing the Bridge (Sony)
The Road to Corrandulla…by Sharon Shannon, Frankie Gavin, Michael Goldrick, Jim Murray from Tunes (Compass)
Braighe Locheil…by Baka Beyond from East to West (Narada)
No Place Like Home…by Gerry O’Connor from No Place Like Home (Myriad Media)
Co Ni Mire Rium…by Capercaillie from Beautiful Wasteland (Survival)
Children of Africa…by Janet Russell & Christine Kydd from Janet Russell & Christine Kydd (Greentrax)
Èireann…by Afro Celt Sound System from Afro Celt Sound System Volume 2: Release (Real World)
ID Excerpt: M'ionam…by Capercaillie from Beautiful Wasteland (Survival)
Homage à Gilles Brunet…by La Bottine Souriante from J’ai Jamais Tant Ri (DEP)
Fairy’s Lament/Reel a Bouche…by Kim Robertson from The Spiral Gate (Narada)
Kato Sta Limonadika/The Trip to Amnesia…by The House Band from Groundwork (Green Linnet)
Zagreb…by Tony McManus, Alain Genty, Soig Siberil from The Clear Stream (Greentrax)
The Bear’s Rock… Andy Irvine & Davy Spillane from East Wind (Tara Music)
Marta’s Dance/The Russian Dervish…by Brendan Power from Brendan Power Plays Music from Riverdance (Greentrax)

Migrations - The Making of America with Karine Polwart

Week 12: March 21, 2019 (#1869)

Fiona Ritchie celebrates Carnegie Hall’s citywide Migrations festival with Karine Polwart. The Scottish songwriter, spoken-word performer, and essayist performs as part of the festival at Carnegie Hall. We enjoy music from Karine’s new album Laws of Motion as Karine talks to Fiona about the lasting impact of 18th-and 19th-century Scots and Irish migrations in North America, and more. (Fiona Ritchie Productions is a partner organization of the Migrations festival.)
All tracks from Karine Polwart’s CDs

Laws of Motion…from Laws of Motion (Hudson Records)
Lark in the Clear Air…from A Pocket of Wind Resistance (Hudson Records)
Remember the Geese…from A Pocket of Wind Resistance (Hudson Records)
Salters Road…from Traces (Borealis Records) Follow the Heron…from Threshold (Borealis Records)
[ID excerpt] Labouring and Resting…from A Pocket of Wind Resistance (Hudson Records)
[excerpt] Behind our Eyes…from This Earthly Spell (Hegri Music)
Terminal Star (Live at Celtic Connections)…from Threshold (Borealis Records)
I Burn But I Am Not Consumed…from Laws of Motion (Hudson Records)
Matsuo’s Welcome to Muckhart…from Laws of Motion (Hudson Records)
Rivers Run…from Threshold (Borealis Records)

Best of the Best

Week 10: March 14, 2019 (#1868)
We explore some of the finest “best of” compilations from artists whose collected works will enhance any music library.
Bodachan A Gharaidh/General MacDonald /Craig An Fhithich…by Battlefield Band from The Best of Battlefield Band (Temple)
Do You Love an Apple…by The Bothy Band from The Best of the Bothy Band (Green Linnet)
Leitrim Fancy/Round the World for Sport/Rip the Calico/Martin Wynne’s/The Endchanted Lady/The Holy Land…by The Bothy Band from The Best of the Bothy Band (Green Linnet)
Tri Martolod…by Alan Stivell from 70/90 Zoom (Disques Dreyfus)
Ceol Bhriotanach…by The Chieftains from The Very Best of the Claddagh Years Vol 2 (Claddagh)
Waiting for the Wheel to Turn…by Capercaillie from Dusk Till Dawn (Survival)
ID Excerpt: Jig in the Castle …by Antoni O’Breskey from The Colours of Music (O’Music)
Deep in the Darkest Night…by Maddy Prior from Collections (The Very Best of 1995-2005) (Park Records)
The Maid of Coolmore …by Antoni O’Breskey from The Colours of Music (O’Music)
Leaving the Land…by Eric Bogle from Singing the Spirit Home (Greentrax)
Carolina Rua…by Mary Black from The Collection (Telstar)
Trust in You…by Paul Brady from Nobody Knows (The Best of Paul Brady) (Compass)
Scojun Waltz/Rander’s Hopsa…by Dick Gaughan from Prentice Piece (Greentrax)