Migrations - The Making of America with Karine Polwart

Week 12: March 21, 2019 (#1869)

Fiona Ritchie celebrates Carnegie Hall’s citywide Migrations festival with Karine Polwart. The Scottish songwriter, spoken-word performer, and essayist performs as part of the festival at Carnegie Hall. We enjoy music from Karine’s new album Laws of Motion as Karine talks to Fiona about the lasting impact of 18th-and 19th-century Scots and Irish migrations in North America, and more. (Fiona Ritchie Productions is a partner organization of the Migrations festival.)
All tracks from Karine Polwart’s CDs

Laws of Motion…from Laws of Motion (Hudson Records)
Lark in the Clear Air…from A Pocket of Wind Resistance (Hudson Records)
Remember the Geese…from A Pocket of Wind Resistance (Hudson Records)
Salters Road…from Traces (Borealis Records) Follow the Heron…from Threshold (Borealis Records)
[ID excerpt] Labouring and Resting…from A Pocket of Wind Resistance (Hudson Records)
[excerpt] Behind our Eyes…from This Earthly Spell (Hegri Music)
Terminal Star (Live at Celtic Connections)…from Threshold (Borealis Records)
I Burn But I Am Not Consumed…from Laws of Motion (Hudson Records)
Matsuo’s Welcome to Muckhart…from Laws of Motion (Hudson Records)
Rivers Run…from Threshold (Borealis Records)