Season of Light

Week 18 May 2, 2019 (#1875)
Marked in early May, Beltane is one of four quarter-day festivals in the old year. Join our celebration of the natural elements – Air, Earth, Water and Fire – in a Beltane-themed hour of music.

Fire Richard Wood from Fire Dance (Iona)
Roly Gentle/Hot Rivets/Tartar Frigate/Closed Face Kathryn Tickell from The Very Best of Kathryn Tickell (Park)
Huron 'Beltane' Fire Loreena McKennitt from Parallel Dreams
(Quinlan Road)
Tine Gheal/Bright Anam from Tine Gheal/Bright Fire (Linn)
An Hour in the Jim Malcolm from The First Cold Day (Beltane)
Blackberry Festival Footrace/For Hanneke Cassel from For Reasons Unseen(Cassel Records)
[ID Excerpt] Firedance/ Brendan Power from Brendon Power Plays the Music from Riverdance (Greentrax) Lúnasa from Lúnasa (Compass)
We Build The Poozies from Raise Your Head (A Retrospective) (Compass)
The Fire of the Richard Souther from Illumination. Hildegard von Bingen:The Fire of the Spirit (Sony)
Flowers of Spring/The Wily Old John Carty from Yeh, That's All It Is (Shanachie)
Snowdrops/ Maddy Prior from Year (Park)
A Rosebud By My Early The Birnam Quartet from The Music of Burns
(Shoogle) Bill Whelan from Riverdance (Celtic Heartbeat)