with Fiona Ritchie
Spring 2019


Week 20
190516 (#1877)
Kick back with some soothing voices and free spirited instrumentals, featuring Dougie MacLean, Maire Brenan, Karen Matheson and Davy Spillane.

Week 21
190523 (#1878)
Scent of Spring
Spring is in the airs… and the jigs, reels and songs as we put out a musical welcome mat for the season.

Week 22
190530 (#1879)
Christine Kydd: Shift and Change
Scottish Traditional Music Hall of Fame inductee Christine Kydd is a leading singer of traditional and contemporary Scottish songs. She is also a popular music educator, working with all age groups to bring song to the heart of communities. We feature her latest album Shift and Change, and Christine talks about choosing the material to include and introduces the cast of musicians who contributed.

Week 23
190606 (#1880)
Raise Your Voice
While solo singing is revered in traditional singing circles, layers of harmony and massed voices create stunning arrangements of traditional folk song.

Week 24
190613 (#1881)
New Releases and Debuts
Time to check into the latest new music arriving in the Thistle & Shamrock mailbox.

Week 25
190620 (#1882)
Singing the Land
This week features music from Karine Polwart's theatrical event Wind Resistance and from fiddler Duncan Chisholm’s Sandwood Bay, named for the finest and least accessible beach in Scotland.

Week 26
190627 (#1883)
Alan Reid at Swannanoa
Scottish singer, songwriter and former Battlefield Band member Alan Reid visits Traditional Song Week at the Swannanoa Gathering. We hear highlights from his many remarkable musical encounters.