with Fiona Ritchie
Spring 2019


Week 25
190620 (#1882)
Singing the Land
This week features music from Karine Polwart's theatrical event Wind Resistance and from fiddler Duncan Chisholm’s Sandwood Bay, named for the finest and least accessible beach in Scotland.

Week 26
190627 (#1883)
Alan Reid at Swannanoa
Scottish singer, songwriter and former Battlefield Band member Alan Reid visits Traditional Song Week at the Swannanoa Gathering. We hear highlights from his remarkable musical encounters with Cathy Jordan, Len Graham, Sheila Kay Adams, Tony Ellis, Matt Watroba and Dr. Kathy Bullock.

Week 27
190704 (#1884)
Common Currency
Follow the instrumental links and song streams that connect musical traditions across miles and oceans. This week's episode features music by Joe Craven, Pauline Scanlon, Tim O'Brien, Colcannon and more.

Week 28
190711 (#1885)
Songs of Tannahill
Explore the songs of 17th-century "weaver poet" Robert Tannahill, who wrote verses in the style of Robert Burns. Tannahill's work is still widely sung and has been immortalized internationally in folk songs he influenced, including "Wild Mountain Thyme" and "Waltzing Matilda."

Week 29
190718 (#1886)
From the "chant de marin," or sea shanties, of Brittany to the songs of the voyageurs of the Canadian fur trade, enjoy the French songs that extend branches of the Celtic music tree from the old world to the new, with artists Le Vent du Nord, Hilary James, and Chris Norman.

Week 30
190725 (#1887)
More New Summer Sounds
Hear new sounds from artists on both sides of the Atlantic.

Week 31
190801 (#1888)
From the Archives - 1
Fiona Ritchie explores some highlights from the past decade of radio shows.

Week 32
190808 (#1889)
ThistleRadio Classics
Great songs and tunes are always available to stream on our 24-hour music channel. Span the decades with classic tracks on ThistleRadio.

Week 33
190815 (#1890)
Mícheál Ó Domhnaill
We remember one of Ireland’s most influential artists with the music her recorded and produced over three decades.

Week 34
190822 (#1891)
These musicians from both sides of the Atlantic make their first appearances on Thistle this week.

Week 35
190829 (#1892)
From the Archives - 2
Fiona Ritchie explores more highlights from the past decade of radio shows.

Week 36
190905 (#1893)
The Lost Songs of St. Kilda
Hear the haunting melodies that offer a last link to the ‘island on the edge of the world’.

Week 37
190912 (#1894)
Len Graham
Meet Len Graham, the legendary singer and songwriter from Northern Ireland who carries an equal number of songs and stories in his heart.

Week 38
190919 (#1895)
ThistleRadio New
When the Celtic rhythms go quiet on your radio, you can always stream great songs and tunes through the night and day on ThistleRadio. Enjoy some of the latest additions to the 1,000+ tracks.

Week 39
190926 (#1896)
Song Journeys with Peggy Seeger and Alan Reid
Recorded live at the Birnam Book Festival, American folksinger, songwriter and activist Peggy Seeger is joined by Scots singer and songwriter Alan Reid, with host Fiona Ritchie, to explore the transatlantic travels of songs.