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Guest: Thanks

HAve been listening to this program for a couple of years now. It adds a pleasent break to the day when I can hear Celtic music from my radio. Have a decent collection of CD's and have added a many more from artist I hear during your program. Thank You for the excellent selection of music.

Wednesday, 04 August 2010

monica bell: Music that Moves my Soul

August 1 is my birthday    I do so love your show Thank You !!! I found you a couple  of years ago and share it with all I can !!!

Sunday, 01 August 2010

John Wheeler: "Accent? What accent?" ;)

Fiona, thank you very much for your program, which we have here on Saturday evenings on NPR. I love the rich potpourri of the music and musicians you present, but my favorite part has always been listening to your voice - your accent is a trip! ("Accent? What accent? Isn't this how normal people talk?" Yes, I know. Wink We ALL have accents, yours is just a lot more colorful than most.) And (if I may say it), you're as beautiful as your voice. Cool

It was really fascinating reading your biography on this site. Who knew you came from such a background? Well, your career choice was psychology's loss but music's gain. Keep up the good work.

Monday, 07 June 2010

Joyce Houston: Ms

Great web site Fiona.

Friday, 21 March 2008

Jay Karamales: My Favorite Show

I've been a faithful listener to T&S since the late '80s, when I was first discovering Celtic music. For the last 20 years (my gosh, has it been that long?!) the show has been my touchstone, anchoring my Sunday afternoon and keeping me informed about all the new currents in Celtic music.

Fiona, your cheery voice has become ingrained as part of my weekend ritual, and I feel completely dislocated on those rare Sundays when I have to miss the show. Thankfully, technology has reduced the number of times that happens now--I can usually find a radio station somewhere that is streaming an episode I've missed.

I'm thrilled to see that T&S now has a Website of its own and I look forward to exploring it. I also look forward to AT LEAST another 20 years of exciting Celtic music. Thanks so much, Fiona, for making this your work--I don't think you can ever know how much the show means to so many of us.

Sunday, 16 March 2008


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