20 Questions

Get to know some of your favorite artists, in ways that might surprise you! (Tell us who you'd like to see featured and what you'd ask them.)

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Bonnie on her travels in IrelandBonnie Rideout has been a leading player on the international Celtic music scene for three decades.  Her Scottish fiddle style has entertained audiences on stages from the Kennedy Center to the Edinburgh International Festival, where she is the only American to have represented Scottish fiddle traditions.  She has authored seven music books and recorded over thirteen solo albums.  "A Scottish Christmas" was listed as a "Top 10 Holiday Best Seller" at The New York Times, where her playing was reviewed as "simply stunning musicianship."  Here are 20 Questions for… Bonnie Rideout:


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Jim MalcolmJim Malcolm has been called the ultimate Scots troubadour.  According to the Boston Globe, his voice "has the complex individuality of an aged single-malt whisky.”  He toured as lead singer with Old Blind Dogs for eight years.  Now performing solo, he travels the world with guitar and harmonicas and a repertoire of traditional and masterfully crafted original songs.  In 2004 he was voted songwriter of the year at the annual Scots Trad Awards and the list of artists to perform and record his work includes Kate Rusby, Beppe Gambetta, The McCalmans, and Alyth McCormack.  "Sparkling Flash", Jim's ninth solo CD, is a collection of songs imbued with passion, friendship, history and harmony. Here are 20 Questions for...Jim Malcolm:

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Eileen IversTo Billboard magazine she is "a sensation" and according to the New York Times, Eileen Ivers is "the Jimi Hendrix of the violin."  Ask Eileen and she'll describe what she plays as fiddle, having been nine times named All-Ireland Fiddle Champion.  No matter, as in either style, she will certainly change the way you think about the instrument.  Eileen Ivers grew up in the culturally diverse neighborhood of the Bronx, NY and became intrigued by the multicultural mix that soundtracked her childhood.  Her own artistic journey showcases how Irish music has integrated with other ethnic traditions as she creates the rhythmic and melodic cross-fertilization of Eileen Ivers & Immigrant Soul.  Here are 20 Questions for...Eileen Ivers.

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The soulful Irish singer won an international following through her 1990s work with Solas and 2006 saw her featured on the band's Reunion CD.  She has released several solo albums and says of her widely praised Ships in the Forest on Compass Records, "I think it has taken me all my years as a singer to come to the point of feeling confident enough to tackle the big songs within the traditional repertoire.”  A new album with former Solas colleague John Doyle is due for release soon.  Here are 20 Questions for...Karan Casey.

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Alison BrownThis U.S. banjo player has pushed her instrument into new musical territory to secure an international following from fans of jazz, bluegrass, and new acoustic music. She is also co-founder of the Compass Records Group. Here are 20 Questions for... Alison Brown