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Over the years we have learned that listeners to NPR's The Thistle & Shamrock are neither shy nor retiring, if the sheer volume of mail is anything to go by. Sharing a little about themselves and giving us insight into the role music plays in their lives, they have created a real listening community. The importance of radio to individuals everywhere resonates through these selected excerpts, and this obviously endures even in our downloadable, podcastable, multi-channel age. Thanks to everyone who has ever taken the time to write to us.

We'll excerpt one special e-mail or letter each month and send a CD of an artist heard on our radio program to say thanks for every one we feature. We're always pleased to hear from you at: The Thistle & Shamrock, PO Box 518, Matthews, NC 28106 USA or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

L.H., Jacksonville, FL
"I find your show exciting, educational and quite charming. Your love and enthusiasm for the music is so apparent I often break out in a smile just listening to your voice."
R.C., Earle, AR
"The Thistle & Shamrock is a regular part of my Sunday evenings -- like supper, like a log on the fire in winter."
E.D., Ontario
"I am finding that Celtic music on your program is putting me in a much better mood on my way to work."
O.E., Snowmass Village, CO
"Somehow you have a calming effect on me and allow me to relax and feel very much in tune with my work… Your show makes a difference in my life…. Keep sharing your love of this rich music with us as long as you can."
S.F., Fortuna, CA
"All things stop here in this mountain farm at noon on Fridays as KHSU brings the sound of the auld country into my house, even the cat does the odd jig."
L.G., Fulton, MO
"I only regret that I’ve only known about your show for about four months now, and life hasn’t been the same since….Your show has opened up a whole new world of thought provoking musical pleasure which I look forward to each and every week."
S.O., Indianapolis, IN
"Saturday nights find us listening to your show and dancing with our two year old, singing choruses and identifying the instruments for her. It’s had to express the effect the music has on each of us -- happy is too shallow a word. But at any rate, we each feel the intense, good feelings and our times of listening to your show have been good family times for us."
P.O., Honolulu, HI
I’m delighted that ‘The Thistle & Shamrock’ has finally arrived in Honolulu."
K.E., Kingsport, TN
"Thank you for your melodious show, which has filled our house with the rich and beautiful sounds of Celtic music at the Sunday noon hour for several years now. Your selections and commentary are fascinating as well as enjoyable, and your personality always lifts our spirits."
H.H., West Lafayette, IN
"I would like to take this opportunity to express my warm appreciation for the beautiful music you bring to this desolate neck of the woods, and for your own charming style."
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