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Over the years we have learned that listeners to NPR's The Thistle & Shamrock are neither shy nor retiring, if the sheer volume of mail is anything to go by. Sharing a little about themselves and giving us insight into the role music plays in their lives, they have created a real listening community. The importance of radio to individuals everywhere resonates through these selected excerpts, and this obviously endures even in our downloadable, podcastable, multi-channel age. Thanks to everyone who has ever taken the time to write to us.

We'll excerpt one special e-mail or letter each month and send a CD of an artist heard on our radio program to say thanks for every one we feature. We're always pleased to hear from you at: The Thistle & Shamrock, PO Box 518, Matthews, NC 28106 USA or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

“My wife and I eagerly await Sunday’s to listen to your program, it is a spiritual oasis in our lives at present.”
“Hey - great show! We’re getting you loud and clear in the middle of the Pacific and really enjoy the musical journey...much aloha.”
J. Alexander, Mt. Pleasant, TX
“Each Sunday night the program readies my soul to face another week. Thanks Fiona.”
E. Hancock, Tallahassee, FL
“Listening to the Thistle & Shamrock is one of the highlights of my week.”
J. Cowles, Carrabelle, FL
“I live in a rather remote area of the Florida coast, with black bears, bald eagles and deer at my back door, and dolphin, pelicans and blue crabs at my front door. I do not watch television, nor do I subscribe to a large newspaper. Your show is perfect for my lifestyle and adds a richness which I anticipate every weekend.”
“Thank you, our host, for your clean, informative and precise display of the creme’ de la creme’ of the day. I look forward to your (next) show from the moment the one before ends....”
“What a spectacular mix of traditional and emerging music and superb hosting”
R. Legler, Hamburg, NY
“Thank you for helping me stay in touch with my Celtic roots... no matter how diluted they may be. I also want to say thank you for the radio show and athe music you promote. You keep it balanced and representative of the wide variety that exists in Celtic music: not an easy juggling act?”
P. Mageean, Chateaugay, NY
“I am writing to say how much I enjoy your excellent Celtic music program. Thank you so much for enriching my life beyond measure with your Celtic music choices.”
“I really like this radio program! It’s all because of your radio program that I got into liking Celtic music. I’m only 10 years old but this music really inspires me. I am going to take violin lessons. Thank you for creating Thistle and Shamrock. Please keep continuing this program as long as possible.”
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