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Week 35
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August 27: New Again for Summer

Tune into more of the great new sounds from the worlds of Celtic music.

Week 36
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September 3: Harpers

Hear innovation on an ancient instrument with harpers William Jackson, Wendy Stewart, Maire Brennan, Grainne Hambly, Savourna Stevenson, and Alan Stivell all feature in an hour dedicated to small harps.

Week 37
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September 10: The Great Tapestry

Follow the great musical migration from Scotland, through Ulster to Appalachia.  Maggie MacInnes, Tim O’Brien, Cara Dillon, Jean Ritchie, Sheila Kay Adams and others share songs that tell the story of a remarkable musical diaspora.

Week 38
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September 17: The Long View

Fiona picks a few favorite extended arrangements of traditional tunes, including classic recordings from Kevin Burke and Alan Stivell.

Week 39
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September 24: Brian McNeill at Swannanoa

Join Fiona and the multi-instrumentalist/songwriter/singer Brian McNeill as they share conversation and music at the Swannanoa Gathering in the North Carolina Mountains.

Week 40
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October 01: Harlaw

Music and song has carried the story of the Battle of Harlaw through six centuries.  Fiddler Bonnie Rideout led a gathering of musicians to record ancient music of the battle. Travel back in time with them and music historian John Purser who tells us of this legendary conflict in the age-old struggle between war and peace.

Week 41
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October 08: Bass Rock

Contributions by acoustic and electric bass to Celtic music are subtle, imaginative and, with players like Alain Genty, firmly in the foreground.

Week 42
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October 15:   Len Graham

Fiona Ritchie meets the legendary singer and song collector from Northern Ireland to chat about the connections between Scotland, Ireland and Appalachia, with plenty of time for some songs from Len’s long career.

Week 43
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October 22: New Releases and Debuts

Host Fiona Ritchie handpicks new sounds of this summer, combining artist debuts with the latest from musicians whose music has helped shape the Celtic sound.

Week 44
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October 29: Tales for All Hallow’s Eve

Hear supernatural tales in music from Celtic roots to mark the transition from old year to new in the ancient calendar.

Week 45
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November 05:  Canada

Travel through the Canadian Maritimes and out to the west to hear the vibrant traditions of authentic Celtic music from Canada.

Week 46
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November 12:  The Carrying Stream

It took centuries for a ballad like “Barbara Allen” to work its way through the British Isles and across the Atlantic. Now the music flows freely back and forth as musicians from both sides of the ocean explore and fuse flavors from Celtic, Appalachian and Old Time music. This week they include Dolly Parton, John Doyle, Jean Ritchie and Anaïs Mitchell.

Week 47
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November 19:  Hometown Song

From Ewan MacColl’s “Dirty Old Town” to “Festival Lights” by the McCalmans, hear how artists from both sides of the Atlantic are inspired to commemorate their homes.

Week 48
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November 26:  The Gathering

From cottage hearthsides in the pre-broadcasting age to the pubs and back porches of today’s session scene, enjoy music that celebrates the gathering of families and friends.

Week 49
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December 03: Jazz

Luka Bloom and Karan Casey are best known for traditional and contemporary folk song.  Hear them and others working with jazz artists to craft a different style of music.