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Week 48
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December 01: The Singing Kettle

As we enter the festive season, many parties, concerts and carol singing events are geared toward children for whom this time of year is especially magical. Fiona reaches back into the archives to remember her visit with children’s entertainers Cilla Fisher and Artie Trezise. For many years the duo performed as “The Singing Kettle” and their shows often evoked the playful traditions of pantomime, so popular in the UK at this time of year.

Week 47
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November 24: The American Folklife Center at Forty – part 2

In 1976, the American Folklife Center was created at the Library of Congress in Washington, DC. Charged with preserving and presenting American folklife, its collections and events also embrace cultures from every corner of the globe. In our second program marking the AFC 40th anniversary, folklorists Nancy Groce and Steve Winick guide us through the lifework of some dedicated individuals who contributed their song collections to the Center’s extraordinary archives.

Week 49
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December 08: Winter Gifts

Fiona has as sackful of new releases to share with you that may help you resolve your holiday shopping challenges!

Week 50
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December 15: Midwinter Music

Travel into the magical traditions of midwinter through some spellbinding music of the season.

Week 51
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December 22: A Festive Celtic Celebration

Join Fiona Ritchie and celebrate the season by unwrapping festive gifts of songs, dances and carols from traditions old and new.

Week 52
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December 29: New Year’s Resolution: Keep Music Live!

From the pubs and clubs of home to international festival stages, some great live performances electrify this hour of music as we turn the page on yet another music-filled year.