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Week 5
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February 04: From Vinyl to mp3

Music collections have migrated from record shelves to disc drives but a great performance is there for posterity regardless of the storage media.  Enjoy an hour of Celtic masterpieces from across a quarter century.

Week 6
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February 11: Words, Verses, Music

From romance to fairytales, poetry tells the story this week, with songs and tunes inspired by poets’ lives and works.

Week 7
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February 18: Chansons

From “chant de marin” or sea shanties of Brittany to the songs of the “voyageurs” of the Canadian fur trade, enjoy the French songs that extend branches of the Celtic music tree from the old world to the new.

Week 8
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February 25: The Witness

Fiona talks with writer Jamie Jauncey about the role of music in his novel “The Witness.”  As a pianist Jamie also shares the music of his life, as well as introducing compositions inspired by his book.

Week 9
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March 03: A Gentle Revolution

Experience the massive international impact of the small harp, building momentum since the 1970s in music from Celtic roots.

Week 10
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March 10: Irish Pairs

Few musical sounds make a more honest and direct statement than duos in the Irish tradition.  Enjoy hearing them combine voices, guitars, fiddles, flutes and other acoustic instruments.

Week 11
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March 17: Dáithí Sproule

Meet a gentle architect of today’s Irish music sound and one of its greatest guitar accompanists as Fiona meets Dáithí Sproule at the Swannanoa Gathering’s Traditional Song Week.

Week 12
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March 24: New Spring Sounds

The flow of music is never ending and a spring tide of new recordings is bound to yield some great music.  Fiona handpicks some of the best new sounds from rising artists along with the latest from your favorites.

Week 13
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March 31: More New Spring Sounds

Fiona handpicks more of the best new sounds from rising artists along with the latest from your favorites.