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May 10, 2012 Print E-mail

Program 1511: Celtic Romance (May 10, 2012) Week 19

Lose yourself in the sound of soulful ballads and songs of loving, leaving, and loneliness in new and traditional Celtic music of the heart.

Silver Dagger…by Solas from Reunion (Compass
The Lea Rig…by Jim Malcolm from Home (Beltane)  
Wrong Foot Forward…by Flook from Haven (Flatfish Records
Maid in Fhomhair –One Morning in Autumn/Princess Royal…by Susan McKeown from Blackthorn: Irish Love Songs   (World Village)   
Julia's Waltz…by Natalie MacMaster from Yours Truly (Rounder
ID Excerpt: The House of Little Lights…by Flook from Haven (Flatfish Records)      
The False Lover Won Back…by Malinky from 3 Ravens (Greentrax)
Gone to the Bower/Olaf Cowan’s Welcome to Wardieburn/The Road to Glountane…by Malinky from 3 Ravens (Greentrax)
And I Love You So…by Pauline Scanlon from Red Colour Sun (Compass)
hFear a Bhata…by Mairi MacInnes from This Feeling Inside (Greentrax)
We'll Be Together Again…by Dougie MacLean from Who Am I (Dunkeld)
Timmy Clifford's/The Return Home/O'ot Be Est Da Vong/John Joe Casey's…by Solas from Reunion (Compass)

May 3, 2012

Program 1510:  Beltane Bash (May 03, 2012)  Week 18

The ancient year marked seasonal changes with special festivals and rituals. Beltane, one of four quarter-day festivals, is recreated today in the modern Scottish capital with festivities to re-establish Edinburgh residents' links with the natural year. Join in our celebration in a Beltane-themed hour of music.

Fire Richard Wood from Fire Dance (Iona
Roly Gentle/Hot Rivets/Tartar Frigate/Closed Face Kathryn Tickell from The Very Best of Kathryn Tickell (Park)
Huron 'Beltane' Fire Loreena McKennitt from Parallel Dreams (Quinlan Road
Tine Gheal/Bright Anam from Tine Gheal/Bright Fire (Linn)  
An Hour in the Jim Malcolm from The First Cold Day (Beltane)   
Blackberry Festival Footrace/For Hanneke Cassel from For Reasons Unseen (Cassel Records)  
[ID Excerpt] Firedance/ Brendan Power from Plays the Music from Riverdance (Greentrax Lúnasa from Lúnasa (Compass)
We Build The Poozies from Raise Your Head (A Retrospective) (Compass)  
The Fire of the Richard Souther from Illumination. Hildegard von Bingen: the Fire of the Spirit (Sony)
Flowers of Spring/The Wily Old John Carty from Yeh, That's All It Is (Shanachie)    
Snowdrops/ Maddy Prior from Year (Park)  
A Rosebud By My Early The Birnam Quartet from The Music of Burns (Shoogle Bill Whelan from Riverdance (Celtic Heartbeat)


April 26, 2012 Print E-mail

Program 1509: Mando Banjo Magic (April 26, 2012)  Week 17

Stringed instruments of all sorts help forge this music's identity.  This week we feature two that have become central to its sound with Seamus Egan, Jane Rothfield, and Gerry O'Connor.

Bag of Spuds/Copperplate Reel…by Gerry O’Connor from No Place Like Home (Myriad Media)
It's Still Raining/Carlisle Street Reels…by Solas from Another Day (Shanachie)
Merry Go Round…by Solas from For Love And Laughter (Compass
Frosty Morning/Santa Anna’s Retreat/Santa Anna's March…by Robin Bullock from The Enchanted Woods (Dancing Wolf Records
He's Gone Away…by Simon Mayor Quintet with Hilary James from Mondolinquents (Acoustics)
Loudeac Round Dances…by Jamie Laval & Ashley Broder from Zephyr in the Confetti Factory (Jamie Laval)
ID Excerpt: Brendan O'Regan's Reels…by Gerry O’Connor from No Place Like Home (Myriad Media)
Fade Away…by Harem Scarem from Storm in a Teacup (Vertical)
Carry Me Back…by Jane Rothfield from iFiddle theyBanjo (Jane Rothfield)
The Bonny Irish Boy… by The Green Fields of America from The Green Fields of America (Compass)
Fahey's #25/Molly on the Shore/Bonnie Anne…by The Green Fields of America from The Green Fields of America (Compass)
Bound…by Eliza Lynn from The Weary Wake Up (Eliza Lynn)
Early Mornin' Train…by Jack Evans from Once Upon a Time in the North (Greentrax)
McConnell's Rant…by Shooglenifty from Troots (Shoogle)

April 19, 2012 Print E-mail

Program 1508:  Horizons (April 19, 2012) Week 16

Tune into sounds that have turned a new generation onto Celtic music including flute and whistle player Michael McGoldrick, singer Emily Smith, and piper Stuart Cassells who fronts the Red Hot Chilli Pipers

James Brown’s March/Noon Lassies…by Michael McGoldrick from Fused (Vertical)
Skidoo…by Mairead Nesbitt from Raining Up (Vertical)
Edward of Morton…by Emily Smith from A Different Life (White Fall)
Scottish Piano Fusion…by Sandy Meldrum from Scottish Piano Fusion (Greentrax)
Waltz Harry lane/The Steampacket/Crowley’s #2…by Cé from Between Words  (Ce)
The Flower of Magherally O…by Pauline Scanlon from Hush (Compass)
Two of a Kind…by Lunasa from Sé (Compass
ID Excerpt: Reeling Piano – Catharsis…by Sandy Meldrum from Scottish Piano Fusion (Greentrax)
Suite de Larides…by Fraser Fifield Trio from Slow Stream  (Tanar)
Rasio’r Goleuadau…by Gwilym Morus from Traffic (Rasal)
Karabach…by Martyn Bennett & Tommy Smith from Ceol Tacsi (Vertical)
Kaleidoscope…by Shona Mooney from Heartsease (Footstompin)
Never…by Harem Scarem from Let Them Eat Fishcake (Vertical)
November…by Sunhoney from November (Vertical)
The Rutting/Athol Cummers/The Prince of Wales/Bodhran Solo/Angus McGonnagle, The Gargling Gargoyle… by Stuart  Cassells from Blown Away (Footstompin)

April 12, 2012 Print E-mail

Program 1507: Ferintosh (April 12, 2012) Week 15

We explore a distinctive blend of Celtic and Baroque music this week, largely sourced from 18th century collections of Scottish airs and dance tunes.  It comes to us from Ferintosh (cellist Abby Newton, harper Kim Robertson, fiddler David Greenberg) who join host Fiona Ritchie to chat about their musical inspirations and journeys.

Da Full Rigged Ship/Da New Rigged Ship…by Abby Newton from Crossing to Scotland (Culburnie)
Ferintosh/ Irvin Stiple/John Howat’s Reel…by Ferintosh from Ferintosh (Ferintosh)
The Forest of Ga-ick/The Forest where the Deer Resort/ The Kilchattan Wedding…by Ferintosh from Ferintosh (Ferintosh)
Logan Water Song/The Blackbird/Lark in the Morning/Bog an Lochan/The Corbey and the Pyett/Green Grow the Rashes…by Ferintosh from Ferintosh  (Ferintosh)
ID Excerpt: Tullochgorum…by Ferintosh from  Ferintosh (Ferintosh)
Tullochgorum…by Ferintosh from Ferintosh (Ferintosh)
Kinrara/Forneth House…by Ferintosh from Ferintosh (Ferintosh)
A Mhairi Bhan Og/Rowing from Isla to Uist/A’Bhliadhna Gus an Aimfir Fo…by Abby Newton from Castles, Kirks and Caves (Redwing Music)
The Languor of Love…by Ferintosh from Ferintosh (Ferintosh)
Ye Banks and Braes o’ Bonnie Doon…by Ferintosh from Ferintosh (Ferintosh)
Bernard’s Well/ Neil Roy…by Ferintosh from Ferintosh (Ferintosh)

April 5, 2012 Print E-mail

Program 1506: Roots Run Deep (April 5, 2012)  Week 14

Musical Communities coast-to-coast in the U.S. and Canada show their roots with great traditional fiddling, expressive singing, and ear-catching blends of American and Celtic music.

Fremont Center/The Vornado/Minutemen…by Liz Carroll & John Doyle from In Play (Compass Records
Thady Casey’s & The Reel of Rio…by Matt & Shannon Heaton from Blue Skies Above (EatsRecords
The Knight and the Shepherd’s Daughter…by Halali from Halali (Footprint Records
Conset Y Peipar Coch…by Steve Baughman & Robin Bullock from Celtic Guitar Summit (Solid Air Records)
Monymusk/Stormont Lads/Sally Garden/Colonel McBain/Culfadda Reel…by Natalie MacMaster from Yours Truly (Rounder Records)
I Will Set My Ship in Order…by Julee Glaub from Blue Waltz (Julee Glaub)  
Hunt the Cat/The Hatter from Nenagh…by Colcannon from Trad. (Oxford Road Records)  
ID Excerpt: Cluan from The High Road  (Cluan)
Green Grows the Laurel…by Cluan from The High Road (Cluan)
Callipygian/Hoban’s On 63rd/O’Keefe’s Mother’s…by Bohola from 4  (Shanachie Records)
Betsy Belle and Mary Gray…by Cherish the Ladies from Women of the House (Rounder Records)
Little Ditty…by Leahy from In All Things (Narada World)
High Places…by Leahy from In All Things (Narada World)
Foxhunter Waltz…by Tom Landa and The Paperboys from Postcards (Red House Records)
Smithereens/The Devil in the Kitchen/King George the IV/The King’s Reel/Gettin’ Reel/The High Road to Linton…by Jeremy Kittel from Roaming  (Jeremy Kittel)

March 29, 2012 Print E-mail

Program 1505: New Releases (March 29, 2012) Week 13

Delve with host Fiona Ritchie into a batch of new releases from Celtic roots and beyond.

Bring It Corran Raa from Corran Raa (
Missing Shirley Grimes from The Long Road Home (Broken Arrow Records)
Slippery Kevin Crawford from Carrying the Tune (BallyO Records)
Break It Rura from Break It Up (Greentrax)
The Lily of the Altan from Gleann Nimhe - The Poison Glen   (Compass)
Hard Times Come Again No The Chieftains with Paulo Nutini from Voice of Ages (Hear Music)
[ID Excerpt] The Dangerous Reel (the Galtee) Orla Harrington and Andrew MacNamara from Flagstone Memories ( and
Home Is Not What I've Left Mairi Campbell from Mairi Campbell (
Old Bean Waltz/Hospital Wood/Auchope Ian Hardie from A Breath of Fresh Airs (Greentrax)
Mhorag's Na Horo Gheallaildh/Alasdair Moya Brennan from Heart Strings (Beo Records)
Sorry I'm Breabach from Bann (Breabach Records)
All the Way Cathy Jordan from All the Way Home (Blix Street) Natalie MacMaster from Cape Breton Girl (eOne Music)

March 22, 2012 Print E-mail

Program 1504: Continental Celtic (March 22, 2012)  Week 12

Follow hypnotic dance rhythms to Brittany and Galicia, explore a panorama of songs in Breton, French and Spanish, and savor the essence of continental Celtic music.

Spike Island Lasses…Dan Ar Braz with Nollaig Casey from Made in Breizh (Tinder)
The Water is Wide…by Niamh Parsons from Blackbirds & Thrushes (Green Linnet)
The Cockerel in the Creel…by Capercaillie from Nadurra (Survival
Fest Stivell: Gwriziad Difennet/Gouel Hollvedel/Feunteun Zen…by Kornog from Korong (Green Linnet)
Suzy McGuire…by Alan Stivell from Again (Disques Dreyfus)
Caraena…by Bill Whelan from The Seville Suite (Tara)
ID excerpt: Scottish Suite…by Dan Ar Braz with Bagad Kemper  from Made in Breizh (Tinder)
Y Gwydd…by Ffynnon from Celtic Music from Wales (Green Linnet)
Blodau’r Flwyddyn…by Crasdant from Nos Sadwrn Bach (Sain
Evit Ar Bras…by Dan Ar Bras from Made in Breizh  (Tinder)
The Raggle Taggle Gypsy…by Carlos Nunez with Mike Scott and Paddy Keenan from Os Amores Libres (RCA)
Vals Breton/Muieira Picada…by Susana Seivane from Alma de Buxo (Green Linnet)
Farewell to Ireland/Foxhunter’s Reel…by Celtic Fiddle Festival from Encore (Green Linnet)

March 15, 2012 Print E-mail

Program 1503: Brían Ó hAirt and Julee Glaub (March 15, 2012) Week 11

Join Fiona Ritchie at The Swannanoa Gathering in the mountains of North Carolina for a conversational, musical encounter with Brían Ó hAirt and Julee Glaub.  Each followed a separate path to Ireland to discover the roots of their musical passions.  Hear how American and Celtic traditions mingle in their work today with Brían’s band Bua and Julee’s duo Little Windows.

My Johnny Was a Julee Glaub from Fields Faraway (Julee Glaub)
Jig: Greenfields of Brían Ó hAirt and Julee Glaub live at  Swannanoa Gathering
I'll Fly Away/This Little Light of Julee Glaub (joined by audience) live at  Swannanoa Gathering
Song: Am Buachaillin Brían Ó hAirt live at  Swannanoa Gathering
Cavan Girl...Julee Glaub live at  Swannanoa Gathering
Song: An Brían Ó hAirt live at  Swannanoa Gathering
[ID Excerpt] Red Rocking Little Windows from Just Beyond Me (Little Windows)
Dear Irish  Julee Glaub live at Swannanoa Gathering
Baba 'Con Raoi/Bó na Leath-Adhaí Bua with Brían Ó hAirt from Down the Green Fields (Bua Music)
Reel: Fair of Brían Ó hAirt live at  Swannanoa Gathering
Home's Across the Blue Ridge Little Windows from Just Beyond Me (Little Windows)
How Can I Keep From Singing? Julee Glaub (joined by audience) live at  Swannanoa Gathering
The Mason's Bua from Down the Green Fields (Bua Music)

March 8, 2012 Print E-mail

Program 1502: Heart of the Session (March 8, 2012) Week 10

From Matt Molloy's pub in County Mayo, Ireland to Edinburgh's famous folk bar "Sandy Bell's," we celebrate the sound of communal music making.

JJames and Lara's Wedding/The Lassies of Stewarton/Sully's No. Claire McLaughlin, Marianne Campbell, John Morran from The Flowers of Edinburgh (Tartan Tapes)  
Lament -The Parting of Friends… by Matt Molloy, Arty McGlynn and friends from Music at Matt Molloy's (Real World
Jackie Coleman's/Pigtown, Cape Breton Jig's/McGurk' Matt Molloy, Arty McGlynn and friends from Music at Matt Molloy's (Real World
After Battlefield Band from Home Ground (Temple
An Comhra Donn/The Galway/The Bell's Big Ceilidh Band and Chorus from Sandy Bell's Ceilidh (Greentrax
Doon in the Wee Bell's Big Ceilidh Band and Chorus from Sandy Bell's Ceilidh (Greentrax
ID Excerpt: Rocking the Cradle…by Arty McGlynn from Music at Matt Molloy’s  (Real World)
Miss Thornton's/My Love is in America…. by Patrick Ourceau, Eamon O'Leary,Susan McKeown, Steve Johnson and friends from Live at Mona's (Live at Mona's
Maidin Fhomhair… by Patrick Ourceau, Eamon O'Leary,Susan McKeown, Steve Johnson and friends from Live at Mona's  (Live at Mona's)
I Was a Young Patrick Ourceau, Eamon O'Leary,Susan McKeown, Steve Johnson and friends from Live at Mona's  (Live at Mona's)
Jig Brendan Power, Andy Cutting, Karen Tweed, John Robert Deyell, Alasdair Fraser, Kathryn Tickell from The Gathering (Real World)  
Lay Dee at Dee/Spence's Reel/Faery Reel… by Brendan Power, Andy Cutting, Karen Tweed, John Robert Deyell, Alasdair Fraser, Kathryn Tickell from The Gathering (Real World
Green Brechan's of Branton/Peacock's March/I Saw My Love Come Passing By Brendan Power, Andy Cutting, Karen Tweed, John Robert Deyell, Alasdair Fraser, Kathryn Tickell from The Gathering (Real World
The Black Haired Patrick Ourceau, Eamon O'Leary and friends from Live at Mona's (Live at Mona's)

March 1, 2012 Print E-mail

Program 1501: Welsh Roots (March 1, 2012) Week 9 

Check out some emerging roots music from Wales with artists including master of the Welsh triple harp Robin Huw Bowen and singer songwriter Meic Stevens.

Swansea Barracks…by Rag Foundation from Minka (Fflach
Tros yr Aber – Over the Estuary…by Crasdant from Dwndwr – The Great Noise (Sain)
Elen a’r Eos…by Ffynnon from Adar Gwylltion (Taith
En filant ma Quenouille…by Ffynnon from Adar Gwylltion (Sain)
Malldraeth…by LIio Rhydderch & Elin Wyn Jones from Enlli (Fflach)  
A Ei Di’r ‘Deryn…by Ember from Open all the Doors (Salt & Slate Records
Moelyci…by Steve Eaves from Moelyci (Sain)   
ID excerpt: Bryn…by Toreth from Toreth (Fflach)   
Bwthyn…by Toreth from Toreth (Fflach)
Can y Fari…by Julie Murphy & Dyland Fowler from Ffawd (Fflach)  
Alabaina Wood…by Robin Huw Bowen from Y Fford I Aberystwyth – The Road to Aberystwyth (Sain)
Four Loom Weaver…by Rag Foundation from Minka (Fflach)
Storm…by Ember from Open All the Doors (Salt & Slate Records)  
Magi Tudur…by Tudur Huws Jones from Dalidrio (Sain)
Llwybr y Pererinion…by Llio Rhydderch from Enlli (Fflach)

February 23, 2012 Print E-mail

Program 1500: Road of Tears   (February 23, 2012) Week 8

From broadsheet ballads to music hall choruses, songs have served to document true-life immigrant experiences through time.  Today Battlefield Band, Mick Moloney and Mary Black continue in that tradition.

Ely Parker/Miss Martin’s Wedding/The Primrose Lassies/Mr Galloway Goes to Washington…by Battlefield Band from The Road of Tears (Temple)   
Pastures of Plenty…by Solas from Reunion - A Decade of Solas (Compass)  
Paddy’s Lamentation/Ships are Sailing…by Mary Black from Long Journey Home  (BMG)
Farewell and Remember Me…by Boys of the Lough from Farewell and Remember Me  (Shanachie Entertainment)   
Farewell to St. Kilda…by The Whistlebinkies from Albannach  (Greentrax
McKay Country (Sutherland)…by Kathleen MacInnes from Summer Dawn (Greentrax)
Farewell to Ireland/Paddy’s Green Shamrock Shore…by Dolores Keane, John Faulkner, Eamonn Curran from Farewell to Eirinn (Wundertute)
ID excerpt: Ms Dynamite of Benbecula…by Battlefield Band from Out For the Night (Temple)
The Road of Tears…by Battlefield Band from The Road of Tears (Temple)  
Paddy Works on the Railway…by Mick Moloney from Far From the Shamrock Shore (Shanachie Entertainment)
The Maids of Galway/The Reel of Rio/Coyne’s Return/Return to Miltown/Hunting the Boyne/Return of the Maids…by Mick Moloney, Jimmy Keane, Seamus Eagan, Eileen Ivers, Robbie O’Connell from The Green Fields of America  (Green Linnet)  
Stor Mo Chroi…by Sean Keane from Turn a Phrase (Kells Music) 
The May Morning Dew…by Davy Spillane from The Sea of Dreams (Covert Records)
The Maid of Mount Cisco/Farewell to Connaught/Farewell to Ireland…by Dolores Keane, John Faulkner, Eamonn Curran from Farewell to Eirinn (Wundertute)

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