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February 21, 2013 Print E-mail

Program 1552: Live and Kicking (February 21, 2013)  Week 8

Live performances electrify this hour of music with Donal Lunny, Jim Malcolm, Skolvan, and Capercaillie.

Glenlogie…by Jim Malcolm from Live in Glenfarg (Beltane
Katie Campbell's Rambles/Streets of Forbes…by Niamh Parsons from Loosely Connected (Greentrax)
Man of Arran…by Niamh Parsons featuring the Loose Connections from Loosely Connected (Greentrax)
Canan Nan Gaidheal…by Scottish Women & Band from Scottish Women (Greentrax)
Trip to Skye…by Skolvan from Live in Italia (Keltia Musique)
Sir Patrick Spens…by Jim Malcolm from Live in Glenfarg (Beltane)
ID Excerpt: Flowers of Edinburgh…by Jim Malcolm from Live in Glenfarg (Beltane)
Bogey's Bonnie Belle…by Christy Moore, Donal Lunny & Jimmy Faulkner from Live in Dublin (Tara Music)
The Rocky Road to Dublin/Indian Ate the Woodchuck…by Mozaik from Live From the Powerhouse (Compass)
Breileach…by Capercaillie from Dusk Till Dawn (Survival)
The Big Set…by The Unusual Suspects from Live in Scotland (Foot Stompin')
The Kerry Dances…by Frankie Gavin and Stephane Grappelli from Frankie Gavin 2003-2004 Collection (Frankie Gavin)  

February 28, 2013 Print E-mail

Program 1553: Wales (February 28, 2013)  Week 9

Explore the diverse indigenous musical traditions of Wales with 4 Yn Y Bar, Sian James, Carreg Lafar,  and the roving ambassador of Welsh music, harper Robin Huw Bowen.

Coleg y Brifysgol Abertawe/Y gwningen Gymreig...by O Gam I Gam from Ogam (Sain)
Migldi Magldi/Can Crwtyn Y Gwartheg/Calan Mai...by 4 Yn Y Bar from Stryd America  (Fflach)
Ei Di’r Deryn Du?...by Sian James from Pur (Sain)
Pwy fedar olchi...by Bob Delyn a’r Ebillion from Traditional Music from Wales (Fflach)
Llef Harlech/Aberdulais...by Carreg Lafar from Hyn (Sain)
Ffarwelfo I Langyfelach Ion...by Julie Murphy & Annie Ebrel from Traditional Music from Wales (Fflach)
Hen Aelwyd Llif Ystwyth...by Robin Huw Bowen from Hen Aelwyd (Old Hearth) (Sain)  
ID Excerpt: Calan...by Calan from Bling (Sain
Gower Reel/Wednesday Night/Mon...by Huw Roberts & Stephen Rees from Ffidil (Fflach)
Kalngk Dafydd Broffwyd...by Robert Evans from Ffidil (Fflach)
Ffidil Ffadl/Mogi Laddyr...by Huw Roberts & Stephen Rees from Ffidil (Fflach)
Erdiggan Y Pibydd Cogh/Tri a Chwech/Marwnad Yr Heliwr...by Robert Evans & Gareth Wheelan from Ffidil (Fflach)
Number Eight...by Calan from Bling (Sain)

February 14, 2013 Print E-mail

Program 1551: A Different Kind of Love Song (February 14, 2013)

Move beyond the traditional notion of romantic love this week to hear of a love of landscape, of whisky, and of the natural world.  Listen for contributions from Shooglenifty, Maura O'Connell, Tony McManus, Danu, Lunasa, Ceolbeg and many more.

Venus in Tweeds...by Shooglenifty from Venus in Tweeds (Greentrax)
The Gowden Locks of Anna…by MacAlias from Highwired (Greentrax)
Jim Batty's/The Bloom of Youth…by Michael McGoldrick & John McSherry from At First Light (Vertical Records)
To The Homeland…by Maura O'Connell from Walls & Windows (Sugar Hill
I Love the Trees…by Nomos from Set You Free (Green Linnet)
Suite de Ridees…by Tony McManus from Ceol More (Greentrax)
Voices of the Land…by Maire Brennan from Maire (Atlantic)
Gi'e Me Lass Wi' a Lump o’ Land…by Ian F. Benzie from I'se The B'y (Lochshore
ID Excerpt: Dans Fisel...by Tony McManus from Tony McManus (Greentrax)
A' The Airts…by Ceolbeg from Seeds to the Wind (Greentrax
Wild West Waltz…by Wendy Stewart from About Time (Greentrax)
The Beauty Spot/The Maid Behind the Barrel…by Danu from All Things Considered (Shanachie)
More Than Just a Dram…by Robin Laing from The Angel's Share (Greentrax)  
Aibreann - The Last Pint…by Lunasa from Lunasa (Compass)
Tail Toddle Finale…by Skyedance from Skyedance - Live in Spain (Culburnie)

February 07, 2013 Print E-mail

Program 1550: Sheila Kay Adams (February 07, 2013) Week 6

For seven generations her family has passed down English, Scottish and Irish ballads that crossed the Atlantic with their ancestors in the 1700s.  Join Fiona and an intimate audience at the Swannanoa Gathering's Traditional Song Week to enjoy Appalachian ballads and stories of a unique singer, author, tradition bearer and cultural treasure: Sheila Kay Adams.

Young Hunting/Elzig's Farewell…by Sheila Kay Adams from All The Other Fine Things (Granny Dell Records)
I'm Going Back to North Carolina…by Sheila Kay Adams performed live at Traditional Song Week 2009, Swannanoa Gathering, NC
Black is the Colour of My True Love's Hair… by Sheila Kay Adams performed live at Traditional Song Week 2009, Swannanoa Gathering, NC
There Was an Old Farmer Who Lived by the Sea… by Sheila Kay Adams performed live at Traditional Song Week 2009, Swannanoa Gathering, NC
Young Emily... by Sheila Kay Adams performed live at Traditional Song Week 2009, Swannanoa Gathering, NC
Pretty Saro…by Jim Taylor from All The Other Fine Things (Granny Dell Records)
[ID Excerpt] George Booker…by Sheila Kay Adams and friends from All The Other Fine Things (Granny Dell Records)
8th of January/Cumberland Gap… by Sheila Kay Adams, Bruce Green, Carl Jones from All The Other Fine Things (Granny Dell Records)
Pretty Fair Miss… by Sheila Kay Adams performed live at Traditional Song Week 2009, Swannanoa Gathering, NC
Little Matty Groves (excerpt)… by Sheila Kay Adams performed live at Traditional Song Week 2009, Swannanoa Gathering, NC
Over Home...by Sheila Kay Adams Live at the International Storytelling Festival (Granny Dell Records)

January 24, 2013 Print E-mail

Program 1548: New Sounds (January 24, 2013) Week 4

Join Fiona as she opens some of the recent musical deliveries to the Thistle mailboxes in the U.S. and Scotland.

Cumberland Gap...by Qristina & Quinn Bachand from Family (Q&Q Music)
Today...by Up in the Air from Moonshine (JYM)
Touch Not the Cat But a Glove/The Broad Reach/Salton de Meres/Scott Skinner's Compliments to Dr. Macdonald...by Up in the Air from Moonshine (JYM)
An T-each Odhar...by Alasdair MacIlleBhain from Las (Watercolour Music)
Tri Martolod...by Nolwenn from Nolwenn (Decca)
Micho's Mason's Apron/Jackson's/Cathair Rua...from Michelle Mulcahy from Suaimhneas (Clo Iar-Chonnacht)
The Month of January...by Mary Dillon from North (Back Lane)
[ID Excerpt] The Return to Camden Town...by Mick O'Grady, Jesse Smith, John blake from At My Grandmother's Knee and Other Such Joints (SOB)
Fragment of a Scottish Ballad...by Sgoil Chiùil na Gàidhealtachd from Last Band Standing (www.musicplockton.org)
The White Leaf/Larkin's Beehive...by Willie Kelly & Mike Rafferty from The New Broom (www.raffertymusic.com)
This is Your Year...by Nick Keir from The Edge of Night (www.nick-keir.com)
Over the Waves/Ceannabhàn Bána/Páidín Ó Rafairte...by Northern Lights from Dubh Agus Geal - Darkness and Lights (Foras na Gaeilge)
Nordlys...by Northern Lights from Dubh Agus Geal - Darkness and Lights (Foras na Gaeilge)
Suite Sud Armoricaine...by Nolwenn from Nolwenn (Decca)
No Jericho...by Susan McKeown from Belong (Hibernian Music)

January 31, 2013 Print E-mail

Program 1549: Songs of Robert Burns (January 31, 2013) Week 5 

Hear various artists in the intoxicating embrace of the songs, timeless and thriving, of Scotland's National Bard.

The Lea Rig…by The Paul McKenna Band from Between Two Worlds (Greentrax)
Now Westlin Winds…by Dick Gaughan from Gaughan Live! At the Trades Club (Greentrax)
Ae Fond Kiss…by Corrina Hewat from My Favourite Place (Foot Stompin')
Braw Lads o' Gala Water…by Ed Miller from Lyrics of Gold (Wellfield)  
Highland Mary…by Jim Malcolm from Acquaintance (Beltane)  
Rigs o' Barley…by Emily Smith from A Day Like Today (Foot Stompin')
[ID excerpt] Brose and Butter…by Corrina Hewat from My Favourite Place (Foot Stompin')
The Slave's Lament…by Feisty Besoms from Auld Flames (Feisty Besoms)
Parcel of Rogues in a Nation…by Rod Paterson from Songs from the Bottom Drawer (Greentrax)
Ye Jacobites…by Eddi Reader from Sings the Songs of Robert Burns (Compass)
Aye Walkin' O…by Jock Tamson's Bairns from Rare (Greentrax)
O My Luve's Like a Red, Red Rose…by June Tabor from Rosa Mundi (Green Linnet)
Auld Lang Syne…by Jim Malcolm from Acquaintance (Beltane)
Ye Banks and Braes o' Bonie Doon…by Ferintosh from Ferintosh (www.ferintosh.com)

January 17, 2013 Print E-mail

Program 1547: Celtic Piano (January 17, 2013) Week 3

Antoni O’Breskey and Micháel Ó Súilleabháin headline an hour of Celtic piano music.

Jig in the Castle...by Antoni O'Breskey from The Colours of Music (O'Music)
Crest of the Wave: Barr nan Tonn/ The Little Cascade...by Tracey Dares and Paul MacNeill from Castlebaymusic.com (Castlebay Music)
What Am I Bid…by Bill Jones from Bits & Pieces  (Compass)
The Lowlands of Holland...by Antoni O’Breskey from Irish Airs (Forest Hill Records)
Liza's Dream/The Westside Highway...by Cherish the Ladies from Threads of Time (RCA)
Brian Boru...by Micheal O'Suilleabhain from Between Worlds (Virgin)
A Day Without Rain...by Enya from A Day Without Rain (Warner) 
ID Excerpt: Masons Apron/My Love Is In America...by Seamus Egan from When Juniper Sleeps (Shanachie)
At the Races...by Nightnoise from The White Horse Sessions (Windham Hill)
The Banks of Claudy...by Maighread & Triona Ni Dhomhnaill from Idir an Da Sholas: Between the Two Lights (Green Linnet)
Cuillin Hills...by Nightnoise from At the End of the Evening (Windham Hill)
Reel: Graf Spee...by Dennis Botzer from The House (Sodaspeak
The Birken Tree ...by Bachue from A Certain Smile (Culburnie)  
Turas Go Tir Na nOg: Journey to the Land of Youth...by Micheal O'Suilleahain from Templum (Virgin)
The Tipsy Sailor/The Future is Bright...by Simon Thoumire & David Milligan from The Big Day (Footstompin')

January 10, 2013 Print E-mail

Program 1546: Northern Highlights (January 10, 2013) Week 2

Music from Scandinavian artists this week and their soul mates in the most northerly reaches of the Celtic world.  Listen for Orkney sisters Jennifer and Hazel Wrigley, also Aly Bain and Ale Moller, Vartina, Vasen and the inspired pairing of English accordion player Karen Tweed with Finnish pianist Timo Alakotila.

Brae o' Scorne/J F Dickie...by Jennifer & Hazel Wrigley from Mither o' the Sea   (Greentrax)  
Randas - Dawning...by Maria Kalaniemi & Sven Ahlback from Airbow (Northside)  
Suvetar, Goddess of Spring...by Gjallarhorn from Nordic Roots 3 (Northside)
Ahma...by Maria Kalaniemi & Aldargaz from Nordic Roots 3 (Northside)
The Full Rigged Ship/The New Rigged Ship...by Aly Bain & Ale Moller from Nordic Roots 3 (Northside)
Many are the Cries and Shrieks of Woe...by Jenny Wilhems from On the Shoulders of the Great Bear (Cloud Valley Music)  
Femspring...by Uhrbrand/Lydom/Cahill & Vinding/Rosendal from Music From Denmark 2001 (MXP)
ID excerpt: Kom til meg om kvallen…by Lirum Larum from Music From Denmark 2001 (MXP)
Linnunmieli...by Värttinä  from Ilmatar (Northside)  
Seeming Polska...by Garmarna from Garmarna (Northside)
High Mountains and Low Valleys...by Ranarim from Nordic Roots 3 (Northside)
Helen’s Jig...by Helen Davies from Music From Denmark 2001 (MXP)
Grannens Favorit - The Neighbor's Favorite...by Väsen from Live at the Nordic Roots Festival (Northside)  
Riverside Aby...by Karen Tweed & Timo Alakotila from May Monday (Northside)
Malort...by Hoven Droven from Nordic Roots 3 (Northside)

January 03, 2013 Print E-mail

Program 1545: What in the World? (January 03, 2013) Week 1

Having joined hands around the globe to usher in the New Year, we'll circumnavigate the world of Celtic music with Afro-Balkan-Latin-Urban-Country-Celtic fusion!

Whisky & Sangria…by Eileen Ivers from Crossing the Bridge (Sony)
The Road to Corrandulla…by Sharon Shannon, Frankie Gavin, Michael Goldrick, Jim Murray from Tunes (Compass)
Braighe Locheil…by Baka Beyond from East to West (Narada)
No Place Like Home…by Gerry O’Connor from No Place Like Home (Myriad Media)
Co Ni Mire Rium…by Capercaillie from Beautiful Wasteland (Survival)
Children of Africa…by Janet Russell & Christine Kydd from Janet Russell  & Christine Kydd (Greentrax)
Èireann…by Afro Celt Sound System from Afro Celt Sound System Volume 2: Release (Real World)
ID Excerpt: M'ionam …by Capercaillie from Beautiful Wasteland (Survival)
Homage à Gilles Brunet…by La Bottine Souriante from J’ai Jamais Tant Re (DEP)
Fairy’s Lament/Reel a Bouche…by Kim Robertson from The Spiral Gate (Narada)
Kato Sta Limonadika/The Trip to Amnesia…by  The House Band from Groundwork (Green Linnet)
Zagreb…by Tony McManus, Alain Genty, Soig Siberil from The Clear Stream (Greentrax)
The Bear’s Rock…..by Andy Irvine & Davy Spillane from East Wind (Tara Music)
Marta’s Dance/The Russian Dervish…by Brendan Power from Brendan Power Plays Music from Riverdance  (Greentrax)

December 27, 2012 Print E-mail

Program 1544: New Year Sounds (December 27, 2012)  Week 52

Prepare your way for the year ahead with a fresh musical start and a chance to discover artists whose careers are destined to gather momentum in coming the months.

Bedlam Boys...by Heidi Talbot from My Sister the Moon (heiditalbot.com)
Long Black Hair...by Michael McGoldrick, John McCusker, John Doyle from McGoldrick, McCusker, Doyle LIVE (Vertical)
Madam I'm a Darling...by Michael McGoldrick, John McCusker, John Doyle from McGoldrick, McCusker, Doyle LIVE (Vertical)
The Saw Set...by Alyth McCormack and Triona Marshall from Red Gold (ANE)
A Irmandade Das Estrelas...by Carols Nunez from Discover (RCA Victor
My Sister the Moon...by Heidi Talbot from Angles Without Wings (heiditalbot.com)
[ID excerpt] An Buachaille Dreóite...Patrick D'Arcy from Wallop the spot (patrickdarcymusic.com)
Illumination..by Anúna from Illumination by (Danu)
Out of the Dark/Other Side of the Wall...by The Aaron O'Rourke Trio from Syzygy (Gatorbone)
Five Miles from Town...by The Aaron O'Rourke Trio from Syzygy (Gatorbone)
The First Month of Summer/The Lame Fisherman...by Emmet Gill & Jesse Smith from The Rookery (gillandsmith.com)
Factory Girl...by Maddie Prior with Hannah James & Giles Lewin from 3 for Joy (Park)
Coeur Vagabond...by Peter Ostroushko from The Mando Chronicles (Red House)
Hosta...by Matheu Watson from Dunrobin Place (See)

December 20, 2012 Print E-mail

Program 1543: Nollaig (December 20, 2012) Week 51

Hear traditional carols, along with seasonal favorites, dance tunes and verses that have all become part of the traditional Irish and Scottish Christmastide.

Galician Carol...by Carlos Nunez from Celtic Christmas (Windham Hill)
Soillse Na Nollag...by Altan from Celtic Christmas (Windham Hill)  
Gabhaim Molta Bride/Gabriel's Message...by Kim Robertson from Christmas Lullaby (Gourd)
Deck the Halls...by Cerys Matthews from Baby It's Cold Outside  (Earthquake)
Remember O Thou Man...by Hanz Araki & Kathryn Claire from A Winter Solstice Celebration (Celtic Conspiracy)
Christmas Eve...by Hanz Araki & Kathryn Claire from A Winter Solstice Celebration (Celtic Conspiracy)
The Cherry Tree Carol...by Little Windows from Snowman's Waltz (Little Windows)
[ID excerpt] Walking in the Air...by Margo Krimmel from Icy December (White Birds Music)
Riona's Trip to Ulva...by Cliar from Cliar (Macmeanmna)
The Pure Land...by William Jackson from Inchcolm (Linn)
Leanabh an Aigh...by Fiona Mackenzie from Duan Nollaig (Greentrax)
Wexford Lullaby...by John Renbourn (with Mairead Ni Dhomhnaill & The Voice Squad) from Traveller's Prayer (Shanachie)
I Saw Three Ships...by John Renbourn (with Mairead Ni Dhomhnaill & The Voice Squad) from Traveller's Prayer (Shanachie)
Deck the Halls/Christmas Medley...by Cherish the Ladies from Together for Christmas (Cosmic Trigger)

December 13, 2012 Print E-mail

Program 1542: Solstice (December 13, 2012)  Week 50

Travel into the traditions of midwinter through some spellbinding music of the season.

Da Day Dawn…by Chris Stout from First o’ the Darkenin’ (Greentrax)   
Winter Solstice…by Atwater Donnelly from When Winter Calls (Rabbit Island Music)    
The Time is Approaching…by Eileen Ivers from An Nollaig ~ An Irish Christmas (Musical Bridge)   
Who Knows Where the Time Goes…by Maggie Reilly from Rowan (Red Berry Records)   
Through the Bitter Frost and Snow…by Susan McKeown and Lindsey Horner from A Winter’s Tale (Celtic Heartbeat)
Variations: Lo, How a Rose E’er Booming…by Turtle Island String Quartet from By the Fireside (Windham Hill)    
The Coming of Winter…by Anúna and the Ulster Orchestra from Behind the Closed Eye (Danú)  
[ID excerpt] Drive the Cold Winter Away…by Sue Richards from Merrily Greet the Time (Maggie’s Music)   
Haul Brothers, Haul!…by Coyote Run from Tend the Fire (Run Wild Records)  
Garçon Á Marier/Orgies Nocturnes/Dans Fisel…by Touchstone from A Thistle & Shamrock Christmas Ceilidh (Green Linnet)  
The Snows…by Maighread Ní Dhomhnaill and Triona Ní Dhomhnaill from Celtic Christmas III (Windham Hill)
The Slippery Slope/Wullie’s Wopper/Tam the Bam...by Pete Clark from Now & Then (Inver)  
Winter Light...by Kenneth Steven from Sanctuary ~ Poems of Celtic Spirituality (Saint Andrew Press)  
Return to the Stewartry/Slanttigart/Tame her When da Snaw Comes... by Catriona Macdonald from Bold (Peerie Angel Productions)    
The Bitter Withy...by Kerfuffle from Lighten The Dark - A Midwinter Album (Kerfuffle)


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