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November 13, 2014 Print E-mail

Program 1642: Islanders (November 13, 2014) Week 46

From Shetland and Orkney, to the Hebrides, the Isle of Man and Rathlin Island, this week's diverse choice of music is far from insular.

Da White Wife…by Fiddler’s Bid from Naked & Bare (Greentrax)
Ho Ro’s Toigh Leam Fhin Thu…by MacKenzie from The Hear and Now (MacMeanmna)
Hillswick/Party Scene…by Chris Stout from Tracks North (Shetland Arts Trust )
Haidh O…by Maggie MacInnes from Peaceful Ground (Marram
Calum Beag O Thir a Mhurain/The Twisted Bridge…by Maggie MacInnes from Spoirad Beatha (Marram)
Cailleach An Airgid/Rachainn AShuiridh’Air Oighrig…by Cliar from The Rough Guide to Scottish Music  (MacMeanmna)
Donal Agus Morag…by Altan from Harvest Storm (Green Linnet)
ID Excerpt: The Corn Holm…by Don Wessells from On Orkney (Harmonichro Records) 
The Hut on Staffin Island/Sandy MacLeod of Garafad/The Soft Horse Reel…by Relativity from Relativity (Green Linnet)
Fiolialgean …by Billy Ross from Shore Street  (Greentrax)
Shapinsay Polka/Jimmy o’ the Bu’s Polka/Scapa Flow…by Jennifer and Hazel Wrigley from Mither o’ the Sea  (Greentrax)
Tha Mulaidh…by Alyth McCormack from An Iomall -The Edge (Vertical
Martyrdom…by Salm from Salm Vol.1 (Ridge Records)
Iona…by William Jackson from A Scottish Island (Mill Records)
The Goodnight Song…by Emma Christian from Celtic Voices-Women of Song (Narada Media)
The Patterned Carpet Set: Alisdair Fraser’s Compliments to Lorna Mitchell/Reel for Eilidh Shaw/Da Eye Wife…by Rock, Salt & Nails from Midnight Rain (Park Records)



November 6, 2014 Print E-mail

Program 1641: Jazz (November 6, 2014) Week 45

Luka Bloom and Karan Casey are best known for traditional and contemporary folk song.  Hear them and others working with jazz artists to craft a different style of music. Nightnoise from The White Horse Sessions (Windham Hill)
Goodbye Pork Pie Tony McManus from Ceol More (Greentrax)
Fishes Will Karan Casey from Two More Hours (Crow Valley)
Little Catriona McKay from Starfish (Glimster)
The First Time Ever I Saw Your Luka Bloom from Head & Heart (Compass)
Devil's Chris Stout from Chris Stout's Brazilian Theory - Live in Concert (Creative Scotland)
ID Excerpt: Lord Simon Mayor from The Art of Mandolin (Acoustics)
Hot Time in the Old Town The Two Sisters: Hilary James and Janet Giraudo from Songs & Chansons (Acoustics) Nuala Kennedy from The New Shoes (Compass)
10,000 June Tabor from Angel Tiger (Green Linnet)
Cutting the Savourna Stevenson from Cutting the Chord (Eclectic)
All the Gerda Stevenson from Night Touches Day (Gean Records)
Eilidh Shaw's Trip in Germany/The Balnain Bachué from The Butterfly (Big Bash Records)

October 30, 2014 Print E-mail

Program 1640: Brittany (October 30, 2014) Week 44

Intoxicating melodies from Brittany fill the air this week, with Breton bands Kornog and Skolvan, vocalist Annie Ebrel, and the father of contemporary Celtic music in Brittany, Alan Stivell.

Suite de Ridees…by Tony McManus from Ceol More (Greentrax
Boules et Guirlandes…by Skolvan from Swing & Tears (Keltia Musique)  
Ar Galon Digorr…by Annie Ebrel, Gilles le Bigot, Davy Spillane from Voix Celtiques -Celtic Voices (Keltia Musiques)
Gavotten…by Celtic Fiddle Festival (featuring Christian LeMaitre) from Rendezvous (Green Linnet
Er Pasker/Stella Splendens…by Jean-Michel Veillon from Er Pasker (Coop Breizh)
Scotland the Brave…by Jamie McMenemy from Les Grands Airs Celtiques (Keltia Musique) 
Dans Plinn…by Kornog from Korong (Green Linnet
ID Excerpt: An Derez….by Jacques Pellen & Riccardo del Fra from Sorseez  (Gwerz)
Toutouig…by Morgan from Born of The Sea   (Telen)
Ne Bado Ket Atao…by Alan Stivell from International Tour (Dreyfus Records)
Toniou Bale Deus Kreiz Breizh…by Pennou Skoulm from Breton Ballroom (Diffusion Breizh)
Le Reve de Sam…by Bagad Bro Kemperle from Ar Gouriz Ruz (Coop Breizh)
Hanter-Dro…by Alain Pennec from Alcoves (Keltia Musique)  
La Langue de Chez Moi…by Sonerien Du from Au Coeur de la Musique Bretonne (Coop Breizh)
Breton Set…by Maggie Sansone from Dance Upon the Shore (Maggie’s Music)

October 23, 2014 Print E-mail

Program 1639: Tales for All Hallow’s Eve (October 23, 2014) Week 43

Hear music for the season and spine-chilling Scottish tales narrated by host Fiona Ritchie.

Swelkie/The Teran…by Jennifer & Hazel Wrigley from Mither o’ the Sea (Greentrax)
The Loch Ness Monster…by The Whistlebinkies from Albannach (Greentrax)
King Orfeo…by Malinky from The Unseen Hours (Greentrax)
Les Elfes…by Jean-Michel Veillon from Er Pasker (Coop Breizh
The House Carpenter…by Jacqui McShee’s Pentangle from  A Stroll Through the Park (Park)
King of the Fairies/The Blackbird…by Sarah McQuaid from When Two Lovers Meet (Sarah McQuaid)
[ID excerpt] A Traveler's Maggie Sansone from A Traveler’s Dream  (Maggie’s Music)
Brownie of the Black Haggs….by Fiona Ritchie- narration, Margaret Kennedy, Janis Nilsen- music (not available)
Tam O’Shanter…by Fiona Ritchie - narration, Rab Handleigh- music (not available)
A Traveler's Maggie Sansone from A Traveler’s Dream  (Maggie’s Music)

October 16, 2014 Print E-mail

Program 1638: New Fall Sounds 2 (October 16, 2014)  Week  42

More new recordings reveal the latest from established artists and emerging talent.

The Battle March/Seanamhac Tube Station/The Mouse in the Hanz Araki from Foreign Shore (Little Sea)
The Silence Eamon Friel from Phone Tapping (Thran) Linsey Aitken and Ken Campbell from Kith & Kin (Bridgegate Music)
Wild Linsey Aitken and Ken Campbell from Kith & Kin (Bridgegate Music)
New Crooked Still from The Best of WUNC's Back Porch Music, Vol. 13 (DCD) [ This track is on “Shaken by a Low Sound” by Crooked Still ]
The Hills of The Albanach Guitar Duo from Weave ( James Keelaghan from History - The First 25 years (Borealis)
[ID excerpt] The Icy Randal Bays and Family from A Rake of Tunes (Foxglove)
The Empty Dave Swarbrick from Swarbtricks (Beechwood)
Walkin Boss/Cold Frosty Matt Gordon and Leonard Podolak from Three Thin Dimes (RootBeat)
I'm Waiting for You/The Humours of Tulla (live) Randal Bays and Family from A Rake of Tunes (Foxglove)
Planxty Davis/The New Line to Loughaun by Sean McKeon from To The City (SeanMcKeon)
The Parting Al Petteway and Amy White from The Best of WUNC's Back Porch Music, Vol. 15 (DCD) [ This track is on “High in the Blue Ridge” by Al Petteway and Amy White ]
Banshee's...Skirdeachal from Folk on the Water (Angus Council)

October 9, 2014 Print E-mail

Program 1637: New Fall Sounds 1 (October 9, 2014) Week  41

Join Fiona as she explores the latest batch of releases, hearing what's new from established artists and uncovering the emerging talent. The Alan Kelly Gang from The Last Bell (Blackbox Music)
Dublin Michelle Burke from Step Into My Parlour (Kilcronat)
The Geese in the Bog/Covering The Alt from The Alt (Under the Arch)
Lovely The Alt from The Alt (Under the Arch) Alan Reid and Rob Van Sante from Rough Diamonds (Red Sands Music) The Alan Kelly Gang from The Last Bell (Blackbox Music)
The Sleeping The Alan Kelly Gang from The Last Bell (Blackbox Music)
[ID excerpt] My Love is but a Moylurg Ceili Band from The Rest is History (Comhaltas)
Fingal's Kevin MacLeod from Highland Strands (Beag)
Ta Se 'na Goitse from Tall Tales & Misadventures (Copperplate/Proper)
I'll Go The Duhks from Beyond the Blue (Compass)
The Photograph... by Margaret Kennedy from Piano Cycle 2014 (Mawgrit Productions) not yet available
You Gotta Eliza Lynn from Goodbye Nashville (Civility)
Carolan's Moylurg Ceili Band from The Rest is History (Comhaltas)

October 2, 2014 Print E-mail

Program 1636: Lowlands (October 2, 2014)  Week  40

From shipyards and farmlands to mills and mining villages, the Scottish Lowlands have been a hive of activity for centuries.  Tour the musical landscape with Archie Fisher, Deaf Shepherd, and Alison Kinnaird.

The Midlothian Mining The Easy Club from The Easy Club (Greentrax)
Lowlands Ian F. Benzie from I’se The B’y (Lochshore)
Life in the City/The March of the Billy Jackson from The Wellpark Suite (Iona) 
The Great Tannahill Weavers from Epona (Green Linnet)  
The Gates of Edinburgh/O’er Bogie/Mrs. Gordon A’ Jock Tamson’s Bairns from The Lasses Fashion  (Greentrax)   
The Lads o’ the Fair/Leith Dick Gaughan & Andy Irvine from Parallel Lines (Wundertute)
Plooman Christine Kydd from Dark Pearls (Culburnie)
ID Excerpt: The Lasses Fashion …by Jock Tamson’s Bairns from The Lasses Fashion (Greentrax
Pawkie Deaf Shepherd from Synergy (Greentrax
Ye Banks and Tony McManus from Ceol More (Greentrax)  
I Ha’e a Wife/The Tarbolton Jig/Tabolton Battlefield Band & Alison Kinnaird from Music in Trust 2 (Temple)
Blar Sliabh An t-Slorraidh/The Battle of Alison Kinnaird & Ann Heymann from The Harper’s Land   (Temple Records
Yonder Banks/The Shipyard Archie Fisher from Sunsets I’ve Galloped Into (Greentrax)
Last Train from Lanark/Boogie Woogie Croft No. Five from Attention All Personnel (Foot Stompin’)
A Glasgow Billy Jackson from The Wellpark Suite (Iona)

September 25, 2014 Print E-mail

Program 1635:  Canada (September 25, 2014) Week 39

Travel to Cape Breton, Newfoundland, Prince Edward Island, Quebec and on into the west to hear the authentic Celtic rooted music of Canada.

The Maid Behind (McGlinchey’s) Bar/Frankie Gavin’s…by Tony McManus from Pourquoi Quebec? (Greentrax)
My Ain Kind Dearie/Tommy’s Tarburas/Early Dawn/Stephanie Wills….by Richard Wood from Fire Dance (Iona)  
Crodh Air a’Bhruaich…by Mary Jane Lamond from Làn Dùil (Wicklow
Matapat…by Bourque, Bernard & LePage from Matapat (Borealis)
Superfly…by Beòlach from Beòlach (Beolach)  
The Mystic’s Dream…by Loreena McKennitt from Live in Paris and Toronto (Quinlan Road)
ID Excerpt: La Turlutte a “Pit”…by Bourque, Bernard & Lepage from Matapat (Borealis)
Welcome to the Trossachs…by Natalie MacMaster from Live (Greentrax)
Coyote Way….by Leahy from In All Things (Narada Media
Bovaglie’s Plaid…by Beòlach from Beòlach (Beolach) 
It Ain’t Funny…by Pamela Morgan from On A Wing and a Prayer (Amber Music)
Reel a Delphine/Par Derriere Chez Mon Pere…by Barachois from Encore (House Party Productions) 
Adventure Sings/Louis Riel…by Scruj MacDuhk from The Road to Canso (Scruj Tunes)

September 18, 2014 Print E-mail

Program 1634: Irish Pairs (September 18, 2014)  Week 38

Few musical sounds make a more honest and direct statement than duos in the Irish tradition.  Enjoy them combining their voices, guitars, fiddles, flutes and more acoustic instruments.

Dowd’s No. 9/Come West Along the Martin Hayes & Dennis Cahill from Live in Seattle (Green Linnet)
Through the Fields/The Man of the House/The Shores of Lough Cormac Breatnach & Martin Dunlea from Music for Whistle & Guitar (Dioscai Mandala
Donal Maighread & Triona Ni Dhomhnaill with Donal Lunny from Idir an Da Sholas - Between the Two Lights  (Green Linnet)
Breton Kevin Burke & Micheal O Domhnaill from Flight of the Green Linnet (Green Linnet)
The Plains of Andy Irvine & Paul Brady from Legends of Ireland (Rhino Entertainment
Master Crowley’s/The Jug of Joe Burke with Charlie Lennon from The Twentieth Anniversary Collection   (Green Linnet)
The Two Conneeleys’ Christy Moore & Micheal O’Suilleabhain from A River of Sound (Virgin)
ID Excerpt: The Real Blues Reel… by Brendan Power and Mick Kinsella from A River of Sound (Virgin)
Amhran: Inion a Mairead Ni Mhaonaigh & Frankie Kennedy from Ceol Aduaidh (Green Linnet)
Meilti Cheann Dubhrann/Cloch na Ceithre Mairead Ni Mhaonaigh & Frankie Kennedy from Ceol Aduaidh  (Green Linnet)
Beir mo Seamus Begley & Stephen Cooney from Celtic Voices (Green Linnet)
Niamh’s Capers/The Flogging/The Gerry O’Connor, Daithi Sproule from Gaelic Roots (Kells Music)
The Green Claire Mann from Claire Mann (Foot Stompin’ Records)
Ta mo Seamus Begley & Stephen Cooney from Meiteal (Kells Music)
John Henry’s/The Commodore/Galway High Claire Mann from Claire Mann (Foot Stompin’ Records)

September 11, 2014 Print E-mail

Program 1633: Julie Fowlis (September 11, 2014) Week 37 

Raised in the Outer Hebrides, Julie Fowlis is one of a small group of singers bringing Scots Gaelic music into the cultural mainstream; no more so than when she provided the singing voice for Disney Pixar’s Oscar winning animation “Brave”.  Meet her this week.

M' Fhearann Saidhbhir/Nellie Garvey's/'G Ioman Nan Gamhan 'S Mi Muladach/Jerry's Pipe Julie Fowlis from Live at Perthshire Amber (Machair
Donella Beaton/Nelson Mandela's Welcome to the City of Dòchas from An Darna Umhail (MacMeanmna)  
A Mhaighdeannan 's a Mhnathan Ò Julie Fowlis from Mar A Tha Mo Chridhe (Machair
Biodh An Deoch Seo 'N Làimh Mo Rù Julie Fowlis from Live at Perthshire Amber (Machair
Hò Bha Mi, Hé Bha Julie Fowlis from Uam (Machair Julie Fowlis from Live at Perthshire Amber (Machair)  
[ID Excerpt} Hùg Air A' Bhonaid Mhò Julie Fowlis from Live at Perthshire Amber (Machair)
A' Chiad Julie Fowlis from Uam (Machair) ~ excerpt Turas San Julie Fowlis from Live at Perthshire Amber (Machair)
'Ille Dhuinne, 'S Toigh Leam Julie Fowlis from Cuilidh (Machair)
Touch the Julie Fowlis from 'Brave' Soundtrack (Walt Disney Records)
Thornton Jig/Chloe's Passion/Are You Ready Yet?/'S Toigh Leam Fhìn Buntàta 'S Ìm/Tha Fionnlagh Ag Innearadh/Thug Oiridh Thiridh Julie Fowlis from Live at Perthshire Amber (Machair)

September 4, 2014 Print E-mail

Program 1632: Combos (September 4, 2014)  Week 36

We revel in the joyous sounds of multi-instrumental line-ups this week, shamelessly embracing anarchy in determining “what-goes-with-what”.

The Bunch of Green Rushes/Salt We Banjo 3 from Gather the Good (
Maria's Song/East Matheu Watson from Dunrobin Place (
Take Your The Paul McKenna Band from Elements (Greentrax)
Circles of Draiocht from Celtic Woman (Celtic Woman Records)
New Year's Skyhook from At the Stringsmith's Forge (Skyhook Music)
Rithill Aill (A WeddingSong) Capercaillie from Heart of the Gaels (Narada)
[ID excerpt] Taylor Skyhook from At the Stringsmith's Forge (Skyhook Music)
Annam Cara/Ships in the Michael McGoldrick from Aurora (Vertical)
Mickey's Michael McGoldrick from Aurora (Vertical)
Angels Without Heidi Talbot from Angels Without Wings (Navigator)
Head and Luka Bloom from Head and Heart (Big Sky)
Banks of the Lee... by Luka Bloom from Head and Heart (Big Sky)
Yo Mi Salsa Celtica from The Future Sound of Gaeldom (Survival) Bill Leslie from Scotland - Grace of the Wild (


August 28, 2014 Print E-mail

Program 1631: Clear Sounds (August 28, 2014)  Week 35

Enjoy the pure beauty of the unaccompanied voice, solo and layered, along with virtuoso solo instrumentalists.

The Yellow Tinker/The Yellow Liz Carroll from On The Off Beat (
John o' Jean Redpath from A Fine Song for Singing (Philo/Rounder)
Wedding Ross Ainslie from Wide Open (Great White)
How Can I Keep From Singing? Julee Glaub from Fields Faraway (Julee Glaub)
Nice Pierre Bensusan from Encore (MVD audio)
Fill, Fill the Merry Bowl... by Rod Paterson from The Complete Songs of Robert Tannahill, Volume III (Brechin All Records)
Dog Anna-Wendy Stevenson from Anna-Wendy Stevenson (Eclectic)
[ID excerpt] Red Rocking Little Windows from Just Beyond Me (Little Windows)
Inis Maire Breatnach from The Celtic Heartbeat Collection (Celtic Heartbeat)
The Water is Maura O'Connell from The Best of The Thistle & Shamrock, Vol 1 (Valley Entertainment)
The Winter's Liam O'Flynn from The Celtic Heartbeat Collection (Celtic Heartbeat)
Captive Song of Mary Jean Redpath from A Fine Song for Singing (Philo/Rounder)
Alas! Poor Jean Redpath from Summer of My Dreams (Philo/Rounder) Maeve Gilchrist from 20 Chandler Street (Adventure Music)
A Tracey Dares from Crooked Lake (CBC Maritimes)

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