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Music details and links from our most recent radio program.

February 16, 2017

Program 1760: ThistleRadio Classic (February 16, 2017) Week 7

Hear some of the classic tracks that are the bedrock of our playlist for ThistleRadio, our popular round-the-clock music channel. Donal Lunny from Donal Lunny Cooflin (Blue Note)
The Hungry Dervish from Live in Palma (Compass)
Máire Mhó Dervish from Live in Palma (Compass)
The Green Groves of Glentown/The Flowers of The Bothy Band from The Best of The Bothy Band (Green Linnet)
Are Ye Sleepin' Dougie MacLean from Tribute (Dunkeld)
The Dougie MacLean from The Essential Dougie MacLean (Dunkeld)
Theme from Harry's Clannad from Past Present (RCS)
[ID excerpt] Cockle Battlefield Band from Home is Where the Van Is (Temple)
The Shetland Fiddle Diva/ Catriona Macdonald from Bold (Peerie Angel Productions)
Another Karan Casey from Distant Shore (Shanachie)
Fisher Michael McGoldrick from Fused (Compass)
Buachaillin Deas Óg Mé MacDara from The Love Token (MacDara)
Dove Across the Water: Iona Theme/March - The Cunning Ossian from Dove Across the Water (Iona) Loreena McKennitt from An Ancient Muse (Quinlan Road)

February 09, 2017

Program 1759: Love Songs (February 09, 2017) Week 6

Move beyond the traditional notion of romantic love this week to hear of a bond with landscape, language, and the natural world – all in the finest music from Celtic roots.

Venus in Shooglenifty from Venus in Tweeds (Greentrax)
The Gowden Locks of Anna…by MacAlias from Highwired (Greentrax)
Jim Batty’s/The Bloom of Youth…by Michael McGoldrick & John McSherry from At First Light (Vertical Records
To The Homeland…by Maura O’Connell from Walls & Windows (Sugar Hill
I Love the Trees…by Nomos from Set You Free (Green Linnet)
Suite de Ridees…by Tony McManus from Ceol More (Greentrax)
Voices of the Land…by Maire Brennan from Maire (Atlantic)
Gi’e Me Lass Wi’ a Lump o’ Land…by Ian F. Benzie from I’se The B’y (Lochshore)
ID Excerpt: Dans Tony McManus from Tony McManus (Greentrax
A’ The Airts…by Ceolbeg from Seeds to the Wind (Greentrax
Wild West Waltz…by Wendy Stewart from About Time (Greentrax)
The Beauty Spot/The Maid Behind the Barrel…by Danu from All Things Considered (Shanachie)
More Than Just a Dram…by Robin Laing from The Angel’s Share (Greentrax
Aibreann - The Last Pint…by Lunasa from Lunasa (Compass)  
Tail Toddle Finale…by Skyedance from Skyedance - Live in Spain (Culburnie)