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Music details and links from our most recent radio program.

January 15, 2015

Program 1651: Winter Heat (January 15, 2015) Week 3

Hot instrumentals and passionate vocals from Kirsty MacColl, Salsa Celtica and Kila offer the perfect insulation against winter’s chill.

Sult Theme…by Sult from Sult: Spirit of the Music (Hummingbird Records)
Tine Gheal…by Anam from Tine Gheal/Bright Fire (Linn Records)    
Double Knuckle Shuffle…by Kila from Tog E Go Bog E (Green Linnet
Ain’t No Sunshine/The Flawless Juggler…by Sileas from Play On Light (Greentrax)    
The Lonesome Scenes of Winter…by Cara Dillon from Cara Dillon (Rough Trade)  
Melodie Gavotte/Ton A-Boz Gavotenn…by Karma from Nozata (Coop Breizh
Les Dolois…by Bleizi Ruz from Hent Sant Jakez (Shamrock)
ID Excerpt: Tango to Evora…by Loreena McKennitt from The Visit (Warner Bros
Salsa Celtica…by Salsa Celtica from Monstruos Y Demonios-Angels and Lovers (Eclectic
Isn’t It A Little Late…by Eleanor McEvoy from Yola (Blue Dandelion
The Barachois…by Chris Armstrong from Quantum Leap (Lochshore)  
Suite of Mountain Songs…by Asturiana Mining Company from Patrimoniu (Lochshore)  
England 2 Colombia O…by Kirsty MacColl from Tropical Brainstorm (Instinct)   
Ra-Li-O…by Baka Beyond from East to West (Narada Media)  
The Farewell…by Natalie MacMaster from Live (Greentrax)





January 8, 2015

Program 1650: New Year Sounds (January 8, 2015)  Week 2

Prepare your way for the year ahead with a fresh musical start and a chance to discover artists whose careers are destined to gather momentum in the coming months.

Lili's Hornpipe...by Ailie Robertson from Little Lights (Lorimer)
Follow the Heron...by Karine Polwart from Favourite Scottish Songs (Greentrax)
I am Grateful for What I Have...by Sarah McQuaid from The Silver Lining (Waterbug)
Medusa...by James Keelaghan from House of Cards (Borealis)
Óran an t-Slaightear...by Cruinn from Stóras (www.cruinn.net)
Terras do Norte...by Kep Junquera featuring Os Cempés from A Way to the Atlantic (www.galiciantunes.com)
Seeing Time (Song for Sky)...by Silver Sole featuring Gina MacLeod from Silver Sole (www.ginamacleod.com)
[ID Excerpt] La Gueussinette...by Ailie Robertson from Little Lights (Lorimer)
I Ain't Got No Home...by The Gaslight Tinkers from The Gaslight Tinkers (www.thegaslighttinkers.com)
Sleeping Tune...by The New England Irish Harp Ensemble from Another Country Heard From... (www.neilho.org)
My Mary...by Jim Malcolm from The Corncrake (Beltane)
Sören's Waltz...by Aryeh Frankfurter from A Step in Time (Lionharp.com)
O'Neill's March...by Tony MacMahon & Steve Cooney from Live in Spiddal (Raelach)
Breton Dance Set: Gavotte/Bouree d'Aurore Sand/French Musette...by Maggie Sansone (Maggie's Music)