Jul-Sep 2009

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Program 1374: Viking Invasion (September 24, 2009) Week 39

A hoard of Viking treasure recently unearthed in Yorkshire was declared the most important discovery of its kind in Britain for 150 years.  But what would the experts make of this haul of Nordic music?

Björksbergpolskan…by Väsen from Live in Japan (NorthSide)
Ja Va Lidijgn Horra/The Ghost’s Welcome/Brendan McGlinchey’s…by Fromseier Rose  from Contradiction (Nunora)
Midsommarvisa/(Jag Vill Ha) Olas Nya Hus…by Swåp from du da (Northside)
Mäenpään Heikin Valssi… by Frigg from Oasis (Northside)   
Glass Polska…by Flook from Rubai (Flatfish)
Eklundapolska Nr 3…by Aly Bain & the BT Scottish Ensemble from Follow the Moonstone (Whirlie
ID Excerpt: Calles Vals…by Väsen from Live in Japan (Northside
‘01…by Serras from Second Hand (Gofolk)
DrØmte Mig en DrØm I Nat…by Valravn from Folk & Roots 2006 - Music from Denmark   (Folkemusic)
Cape Clear/Castlekelly/Man Of Aran…by Moving Cloud from Cuckanandy (Gofolk)
Turning Tide…by Shoormal from Turning Tide (Greentrax)
Scandanonymous…by Chris Stout from First o’ the Darkenin’ (Greentrax)
Loki… by AnnbjØrg Lien from Aliens Alive (Northside)

Program 1373: Tale o’ the Bank (September 17, 2009) Week 38

Rivers run through many of our best-loved landscapes and they are now often the focus of urban regeneration and rural rediscovery. Traditional and contemporary song celebrates our rivers as sources of life and timeless inspiration.

I Am A River…by Luka Bloom from Tribe (Big Sky Records)
Johnny Todd/Far From Home…by Ossian from The Best of Ossian (Iona)
Voyage for Ireland…by Pierre Bensusan from Nice Feeling (Zebra Acoustic)
Annan Waters…by Niamh Parsons from In My Prime (Green Linnet)
A Walk on the Shore…by Boys of the Lough from Lonesome Blues and Dancing Shoes (Lough Records)
Sweet Afton…by Tony Cuffe from The Complete Songs of Robert Burns Volume 1 (Linn)
The Afton…by Eddi Reader from Peacetime (Compass)
[ID excerpt] River…by Enya from Watermark (Geffen)
Sweet Thames Flow Softly…by Planxty from Planxty (Shanachie)
Crossing the Bridge…by Kim Robertson from Wood, Fire & Gold (Dargason)
Both Sides the Tweed…by Dick Gaughan from Prentice Piece (Greentrax)
The Tail o’ the Bank...by Battlefield Band from Celtic Hotel (Temple Records/Flying Fish)
Sitting in the Stern of a Boat...by Alasdair Fraser from Return to Kintail (Culburnie Records)
Ship in Full Sail/The Bohola Jig/Irishman’s Heart to the Ladies... by Bohola from Bohola (Shanachie)

Program 1372: Common Currency (September 10, 2009) Week 37

Follow the instrumental links and song streams that connect musical traditions across miles and oceans.

Soldiers of Joy…by Joe Craven from Camptown (Blender Logic Arts)
Rain and Snow…by Pauline Scanlon from Hush (Compass)
Considine’s Grove/Trip to Durrow/Martin Wynne’s/Bere Island…by Madden, Conway, McComiskey & Dolan from Pride of New York (Compass)
Ireland’s Green Shore …by Tim O’Brien from The Crossing (Alula)
The Kid on the Mountain…by Tim O’Brien from The Crossing (Alula)
Gypsy Davy…by Julie Glaub from Blue Waltz (Julee Glaub)
[ID Excerpt] Irish Waltz…by Charlie McCoy from A Celtic Bridge (Vox Terrae)
From Clare to Here…by Colcannon from Covering Our Tracks (Greentrax)
The Commonwealth Suite: Aotearoa – Land of the Long White Cloud/Hoea Ra/Dawn of a New Age/Te Rua …by Rua from Homeland: The Rua Collection (Greentrax)
The Maid Behind (McGlinchey’s) Bar/Frankie Gavin…by Tony McManus from Pourquoi Quebec? (Greentrax)
Red Mary…by The Paul McKenna Band from Between Two Worlds (Greentrax)
Combolé…by Joe Craven from Camptown (Blender Logic Arts)

Program 1371: New Writing (September 3, 2009) Week 36

From festival commissions for traditional instruments to new songs from emerging singer-songwriter talent, we uncover a wealth of new music this week.

Miss Norma McIntosh/Prestonfield Johnny…by Wendy Weatherby from A Breath on the Cold Glass (Lochshore)
Beinn A’Cheathaich...by Maggie MacInnes from A Fàgail Mhiughalaigh (Marram)
Gaol A Chruidh Gràdh A Chruidh An Taigh Ceilidh...by Maggie MacInnes from A Fàgail Mhiughalaigh (Marram)
‘N Robh Thu ‘Sa Bheinn…by Maggie MacInnes from A Fàgail Mhiughalaigh (Marram)
Carna: Macdara’s, An Chistin…by Bill Whelan from The Connemara Suite (Compass)
[ID excerpt] Appomattox…by Gràinne Hambly & William Jackson from Music from Ireland & Scotland (Northside)
1st Movement: Baby Broon, Space to Breathe, Slowing Down, Vanessa Edward’s Enviable Rhythm…by Patsy Reid from Bridging the Gap (Vertical)
Full Moon Down Under Set…by Ross Ainslie, Ali Hutton and The Concert Band from A Celebration of the Music of Gordon Duncan - Live concert 2007 (Greentrax)

Program 1370: Mythography (August 27, 2009) Week 35

Ballads and tunes of Celtic origin and inspiration lead us on an exploration of myth, legend and mystery.

The Mystics' Slipjigs…by Maire Breatnach from Angels Candles (Starc)
King Orfeo…by Malinky from The Unseen Hours (Greentrax)
Branle…by Old Blind Dogs from The World’s Room (Compass)
Lupadáin Lapadáin - The Tale of the Mermaid’s Daughter…by John Spillane and Louis de Paor from The Gaelic Hit Factory (EMI Ireland)
The Sparkling Fairy/Taro’s Blue Eye…by Winifred Horan from Just One Wish (Shanachie)
A Bhean Úd Thíos…by Nuala Kennedy from The New Shoes (Compass)
The Fairy Reel/The Old Torn Petticoat/Our House At Home…by Danu from The Road Less Traveled (Shanachie)
Suantraí Sí…by Pádraigín Ní Uallacháin from Suantraí, An Irish Lullaby (Shanachie)
ID Excerpt: Charmed…by Rachel Hair from Hubcaps & Potholes (March Hair Records)
Highland Mary…by Jim Malcolm from Aquaintance (Beltane)
Molly Malone…by Sinéad O’Connor from Sean-Nós Nua (Hummingbird)
The Devil…by Bodega from Bodega (Greentrax)
Sir Patrick Spens…by June Tabor from An Echo of Hooves (Topic)
Devil’s Advocate…by Chris Stout Quintet from Devil’s Advocate (Greenrax)

Program 1369: A Case for Guitar (August 20, 2009) Week 34

Virtuoso players in Scotland, Ireland, Brittany and beyond are setting a new standard for roots-inspired acoustic guitar music.

Inveran/The Devil’s in the Kitchen/Locheil’s Away to France…by Tony McManus from The Maker’s Mark (Greentrax)
The Hungry Rock/The Sleuce Gate/Evening Comes Early…by John Doyle from Evening Comes Early (Shanachie)
Blue Diamond Mines…by John Doyle from Evening Comes Early (Shanachie)
Wild Goose Chase…by Arty McGlynn, Chris Newman, Nollaig Casey, Máire Ni Chathasaigh from Heartstring Sessions (Old Bridge)
Jenny Picking Cockles/An Gabhrán/Jack Keane’s Reel…by Patrick Street from Compendium (Green Linnet)
The Bleacher Lass o’ Kelvinhaugh…by Rod Paterson from Up-To-Date (Greentrax)
The Girl That Broke My Heart/Mary McMahon…by Tony Cuffe from Sae Will We Yet (Greentrax)
[ID excerpt] St. Christopher and the Magpie…by Brian McNeill from To Answer the Peacock (Greentrax)
Pretty Polly…by Al Petteway & Amy White from Land of the Sky (Maggie’s Music)
Sprig of Thyme…by Sarah McQuaid from When Two Lovers Meet (Sarah Mcquaid)
Estampie…by John Renbourne from Traveller’s Prayer (Shanachie)
La Veillée du Voisin…by La Bouttine Souriante from J’ai Jamais Tant Ri (OnQueueArtists)
Take Six…by Nicholas Quemener from Kedren (Gwerz)
Trois Matelots Du Port-de-Brest…by Arcady from After the Ball… (Shanachie)
Mrs. Jamieson’s Favourite…by Ross Kennedy from Scottish Voice and Acoustic Guitar (Greentrax)

Program 1368: Northsound (August 13, 2009)

Week 33.Travel to northern places in Europe and North America to hear the sound of unspoiled landscapes and rocky shorelines bathed in northern light.

Wackidoo…by String Sisters from Live (Compass)
Lums O’ Lund…by Catriona McKay from Starfish (Glimster)
Fareweel Tae Tarwathie…by Sinsheen from Lift (Sinsheen)
Riverside Aby…by Karen Tweed & Timo Alakotila from May Monday (Northside)
Ballinderry…by The Cottars from Made in Cape Breton (Mira Music)
The Duke of Kent’s Lodge at Glentilt/Malts On The Optics/Farewell to Decorum…by Tracey Dares from The Cape Breton Connection (Lakewind)
[ID excerpt] Kitchen Racket…by The Cottars from Made in Cape Breton (Mira Music)
The Quarff Lassies/Beth’s Tune/The 2nd of May/Bobby Crowe of Bulmullo/Da Sooth End…by Filska from A Thousand Miles Away (Footstompin)
Gur Tu Mo Chruinneag Bhòidheach…by Anne Martin from Gaelic Song from the Isle of Skye (Whitewave Music)
Blue Hills of Antrim…by Rachel Hair from The Lucky Smile (March Hair Records)
Saviour of the World/Gabhaim Molta Bride…by String Sisters from Live (Compass)
Luseblus…by String Sisters from Live (Compass)
Grännens Favorit…by Väsen from Live at the Nordic Roots Festival (Northside)

Program 1367: New World Releases (August 6, 2009) Week 32

Selected tracks from the latest albums by North American artists who work to expand the reach of Celtic traditions.

Once I Knew a Pretty Girl…by David Ferrard from Across the Troubled Wave (Alter Road Records)
First Date/Pick the Lock…by Matt and Shannon Heaton from Lovers’ Well (Eats Records)
Lily of the West…by Matt and Shannon Heaton from Lovers’ Well (Eats Records)
Indifférence…by Laurie Hart & Paul Marchand from Le Rêve du Cordonnier (http://www.tedcrane.com/lauriehart )
The Major…by Tina Chancey from The Versatile Viol (Hesperus)
I Know My Love…by Maura O’Connell from Naked (Sugar Hill)
SamSam Amidon/Good Morning to Your Night Cap…by Childsplay from Waiting for the Dawn (Childsplay)
[ID excerpt] Shoot the Mink…by Kennedy’s Kitchen from The Hotting Fire (Kennedy's Kitchen)
Gloomy Winter’s Noo Awa’…by The Muses from Celtic Hillbilly Soul (Asheville Muses)
The Box Set…by Girsa from Girsa (Girsa Music)
Jackaro…by David Ferrard from Across the Troubled Wave (Alter Road Records)
Les Filles de Vermilion/Fantaisie au Vermilion…by David Greely from Sud Du Sud (Give and Go Records)
The Bright Blue Road…by Maura O’Connell from Naked (Sugar Hill)
Kecharitomene…by Loreena McKennitt from An Ancient Muse (Quinlan Road)

Program 1366: Two Shoogles (July 30, 2009) Week 31

Meet Luke Plumb, the mandolin player from Tasmania and West Highland fiddler Angus Grant, both of whom are active on the session scene between recording and touring with the globetrotting band Shooglenifty.

McConnell's Rant…by Shooglenifty from Troots (Shoogle)
The Point Road…by Shooglenifty from Venus in Tweeds (Greentrax)
Flick it Up and Catch It/The Creepy Zone/Good Drying…by Shooglenifty from A Whisky Kiss (Greentrax)
Glenuig Hall/The Wrong Box…by Shooglenifty from Radical Mestizo (Compass)
Carboni's Farewell/The Patient Man…by Shooglenifty from Radical Mestizo (Compass)
ID Excerpt: The Price of a Pig…by Shooglenifty from A Whisky Kiss (Greentrax)
Charlie and the Professor/The Tap Inn/The Dazzler….by Shooglenifty from Troots (Shoogle)
A Fistful of Euro/The New Rat #6.….by Shooglenifty from The Arms Dealer’s Daughter (Compass)
Bar Bruno's/Maxine’s Polka…by Shooglenifty from The Arms Dealer's Daughter (Compass)
Scraping the Barrell/Fielding's Possum/Take the Tunnel…by Shooglenifty from Radical Mestizo (Compass)

Program 1365: Words Verses Music (July 23, 2009) Week 30

Poetry tells the story this week, with songs and tunes inspired by poets' lives and works.

Willie Stewart…by Eddi Reader from Eddi Reader Sings Robert Burns (Compass)
Howe o' the Mearns…by Steve Byrne from Songs From Home (Greentrax)
The Black Horse…by Archie Fisher from Sunsets I've Galloped Into… (Greentrax)
All That You Ask Me… by Archie Fisher from Sunsets I’ve Galloped Into… (Greentrax)
I Will Make You Brooches…by Jean Redpath from A Fine Song For Singing (Philo/Rounder)
My Kingdom…by Rod Cameron from Gi’me Elbow Room (Maggies Music)
Shining Clear…by Battlefield Band from There's a Buzz (Temple)
The New Land…by Touchstone from Her Infinite Variety, Celtic Women in Music & Song (Green Linnet)
ID Excerpt: Kate Dalrymple…by Tony Cuffe from The Clear Stream (Greentrax)
Introduction…by Orealis from Night Visions (Green Linnet)
Gloomy Winter…by Dougie MacLean from Tribute (Dunkeld)
Calbharaigh…by Karen Matheson from The Dreaming Sea (Survival)
Parting of Friends - poem…by Barnie Mulligan from Eileen Ivers & Immigrant Soul (Koch)
Parting of Friends – Air…by Eileen Ivers & Immigrant Soul from Eileen Ivers & Immigrant (Koch)
The Lady of Shalott…by Loreena McKennitt from The Visit (Quinlan Road)
My Home Town…by Tony Cuffe and William Jackson from The Clear Stream (Greentrax)

Program 1364: Celtic Show Bands (July 16, 2009) Week 29

With a diverse array of instruments, including big band-style brass sections, we hear ensembles that blend traditional and contemporary melodies to create big cutting-edge grooves.

Flora…by Blazin Fiddles from The Old Style (Blazin Fiddles)
The Sands O’The Shore…by Heather Heywood, Corrina Hewat, Chris Miles - Scots Women from Celtic Connections 2001 (Greentrax)
The Big Set…by The Unusual Suspects from Live in Scotland (Foot Stompin)
Ceann Subh Dílis…by Anúna from Behind the Closed Eye (Anuna)
Glentown…by Donal Lunny from Coolfin (Blue Note)
Never-Ending Road (Amhrán Duit)…by Loreena McKennitt from An Ancient Muse (Quinlan Road)
ID Excerpt: Waiting on the Federals…by Aly Bain from Transatlantic Sessions 2 Volume One (Iona)
Ar c’hwezh Nevez…by Skolvan from Live in Italia (Keltia Musique)
Evit Ar Braz…by Dan Ar Braz from Made in Breizh (Tinder)
O Castro da Moura…by Carlos Nuñez from Os Amores Libres (RCA)
Bah Hamburg…by Junction Pool from Junction Pool (Junction Music)
Salve…by Micheál Ó Súilleabháin from Becoming(Venture)

Program 1363: On the Road (July 9, 2009) Week 28

Itinerant work ways are celebrated this week in traditional songs, while today’s working musicians offer us contemporary verses of the travelling musician’s lifestyle.

Ride On…by Christy Moore from Ride On (Green Linnet)
Never Tire of the Road…by Andy Irvine from Rude Awakening (Green Linnet)
The Rain Journey North…by The Easy Club from The Easy Club (Greentrax)
Ramblin’ Irishman…by Andy M. Stewart from Donegal Rain (Green Linnet)
To Pad the Road wi’ Me…by Ossian from Seal Song (Iona)
The Beggar Man…by Malinky from Last Leaves (Greentrax)
Bonny Glenshee… by Jim Malcolm from Home (Beltane)
ID Excerpt: Waltzes: The Innocent Railway/Daphne’s Trousers/A Bruxa…by The Easy Club from The Easy Club (Greentrax)
Seven Yellow Gypsies…by Dolores Keane from There Was a Maid (Claddagh)
The Shaskenn Reel…by Dolores Keane from There Was a Maid (Claddagh)
The Rovin Ploughboy…by Malinky from 3 Ravens (Greentrax)
Light on a Distant Shore: Arrival/New York Harbour/Art Work on the Land/In the New World…by Ossian from Light on a Distant Shore (Iona)
Home…by Dougie MacLean from Inside the Thunder (Dunkeld)
Rest and Be Thankful…by Battlefield Band from Out for the Night (Temple)
Ryan’s Rambles…by Al Petteway from Land of the Sky (Maggie’s Music)

1362: A Broader Canvas (July 2, 2009) Week 27

We shift the spotlight away from Scottish and Irish music this week to illuminate the rich traditions of Cornwall, the Isle of Man, Galicia, Asturias, Wales and Brittany.

Evit Ar Braz...by Dan Ar Braz from Made in Breizh (Tinder Records)
Maneo de Fontenia-Jotas...by Milladoiro from Auga de Maio (Green Linnet)
Danza de Cerdelra...by Leilia from Hent Sant Jakez (Shamrock Records)
Vigo...by Tony MacManus, Alain Genty, Soig SIberil from The Clear Stream (Greentrax)
Llonxana...by Llan de Cubel from Llan de Cubel IV (Fono Astur)
ID Excerpt: Begone…by Dalla from More Salt (Dalla Records)
Lloer Dirion (Tender Moon)...by Carreg Lafar from Profiad (Carreg Lafar)
Llanllechid...by Carreg Lafar from Profiad (Carreg Lafar)
Three Knights/An Vug e'n Loor...by Dalla from More Salt (Dalla Records)
Garzoles...by Jean-Charles Gulchen from Kerden (Coop Breizh)
Birth in Bethlehem...by Emma Christian from Celtic Voices (Narada)
Suite de Ridees...by Tony McManus from Ceol More (Greentrax)
Le Retour...by Skolvan from Live in Italia (Keltia Musique)