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February 2009
New From Wales
February 26, 2009 -Thistlepod 48
Preview the unique sound of emerging Welsh roots music with these new flavours, varying from traditional harp music to genre-bending blends of Latin, funk, and Afrobeat.

Mympwy Llwyd... by Crasdant from Trad Roots (Sain)
Dawr Dydd... by Drymbago from Dyddiau Da (Rasal)
Si hei lwli Sali... by Mim Twm Llai from Straeon y Cymdogion (Sain)
Ty a Gardd... by Gwenan Gibbard from Y Gwenith Gwynnaf (Sain)
Rasio'r Goleuadau... by Gwilym Morus from Traffig (Rasal)
Pedwar Post Y Gwely... by Ar Log from Trad Roots (Sain)