January 2009
First Foot
January 9, 2009 - Thistlepod 47
We step into New Year with an armful of new releases to share.
O'Keefe's Polka...by Last Orders from Last Orders (www.fellside.com)
Waram Patat...by Burning Bridget Cleary from Everything is Alright (www.burningbridgetcleary.com)
Southside Blues...by Harem Scarem from Storm in a Teacup (www.verticalrecords.co.uk)
Les Cousinages...by Genticorum from Malins Plaisirs (www.genticorum.com)
Life is Good...by Patsy Reid from Bridging the Gap (www.verticalrecords.co.uk)
Snowflake...by Little Windows from Snowman's Waltz (www.littlewindows.net)