Dougie MacLean - The Gael (Live from Perthshire Amber ~ The Dougie MacLean Festival)

Dougie MacLean on fiddle with an excerpt from the first live performance of his instrumental composition "The Search," one of the critically acclaimed performances at Perthshire Amber - The Dougie MacLean Festival 2007. Originally recorded in 1990 on his Dunkeld Records label, this was the music created for The Loch Ness Monster Exhibition Centre in Scotland. You may recognize "The Gael" from the 20th Century Fox movie "The Last of the Mohicans," where it featured during the climactic scene.
Dougie is joined on stage by Ali Ferguson, Alan Sutherland, Ross Ainslie, Jamie MacLean, Guy Nicholson and Owen Nicholson.
Composed by Dougie MacLean. Published by Limetree Art and Music (PRS and MCPS, UK).