December 01, 2016 Print

Program 1749:  The Singing Kettle (December 01, 2016)  Week 48

As we enter the festive season, many parties, concerts and carol singing events are geared toward children for whom this time of year is especially magical. Fiona reaches back into the archives to remember her visit with children’s entertainers Cilla Fisher and Artie Trezise. For many years the duo performed as “The Singing Kettle” and their shows often evoked the playful traditions of pantomime, so popular in the UK at this time of year.

Norland Wind…by Cilla Fisher from Scotland the Real (Smithsonian Folkways)     
Gura Mise Tha Fo È islean…by Maggie MacInnes from Spiorad Beatha (Marram)
Letter to Peter Pan…by Liz Carroll from Lost in the Loop (Green Linnet)  
Leis an Lurgainn…by Mairi MacInnes from Tickettyboo (Greentrax)     
The Song of the Seal…by Karan Casey & Friends from Seal Maiden - A Celtic Musical (Music for Little People)
The Youngest Daughter…by Kim Robertson from Searching for Lambs (Gourd Music
Generations of Change…by Fisher & Trezise from Cilla & Artie (Greentrax)
Train to Glasgow…by The Singing Kettle from Greatest Hits Vol 1 (Kettle Records)
Down on the Funny Farm…by The Singing Kettle from Singalong Songs from Scotland (Smithsonian Folkways)  
Aiken Drum…by The Singing Kettle from Singalong Songs from Scotland (Smithsonian Folkways)    
The Sodger Laddie…by Scots Women (featuring Cilla Fisher) from Live From Celtic Connections 2001(Greentrax)    
Tail Toddle…by Bonnie Rideout from Gi’me Elbow Room (Maggie’s Music)