December 30, 2015

Program 1701: New Year New Music (December 30, 2015) Week 53

Look forward to the New Year with a batch of the latest releases tracking the evolving traditions of music from Celtic roots.

Scarce o' Tatties/ Silly Wizard from 'Live' Again (Birnam CD)
The Broom o' the Silly Wizard from 'Live' Again (Birnam CD)
The Valley of Jim Malcolm from Live in Perth (Beltane) Jenna Moynihan from Woven (Jenna Moynihan)
House Low Lily from Low Lily (
Fair Margaret & Sweet Colleen Raney from Linnet (Little Sea Records)
Lord of the Archie Fisher from A Silent Song (Red House Records)
[ID Excerpt] Northern Low Lily from Low Lily (
Rock Salt and Hilary James from You Don't Know (Acoustics)
Run to Alba's Edge from Run Fly (
The Silence Eamon Friel from In My Time (Thran Records)
Doherty' Beppe Gambetta & Tony McManus from Round Trip (Borealis Records)
Box of Krista Detor from Barely (Tightrope Records)
Bright May Morning/ Oisín MacDiarmada with Samantha Harvey from The Green Branch (Claddagh Records)