March 26, 2015

Program 1661: More New Releases and Debuts (March 26, 2015)  Week 13

Fiona selects more of the best new sounds from rising artists, along with established artists. Gerald Trimble from Uncharted (MSR)
Catch the Barluath from At Dawn of Day (Barluath Records
Cá Mairi MacInnes from Grás (Puffin)  
The Big Barluath from from At Dawn of Day (Barluath Records)
The House Carpenter (Gypsy Davy) Altan from The Widening Gyre (Compass)
The Triple Altan from The Widening Gyre (Compass
ID EXCERPT: Le Vent du Nord from Têtu (Borealis) Nicola Benedetti from Homecoming - A Scottish Fantasy (Decca)
Mouth Music and Tunes Set by Nicola Benedetti from Homecoming - A Scottish Fantasy (Decca) Lewis and Leigh from Missing Years EP (ALM
The Gretchen Koehler & Daniel Kelly from The Waxwing (
The Dreary Daithi Sproule from Lost River, Vol. 1 (New Folk Records)
Entre Ciel et Le Vent du Nord from Têtu (Borealis)