February 5, 2015

Program 1654: Nuala Kennedy and A.J. Roach (February 5, 2015) Week 6 

Hear how two musicians, raised over 4,000 miles apart, share a deep musical connection.  Flute player and singer Nuala (pron: Noo-la) Kennedy is from the east coast of Ireland.  Her husband, singer and songwriter A.J. Roach was raised in southwestern Virginia.  Nuala grew up with many Ulster ballads and tunes that were carried across the ocean to take root in the mountains and hollows of A.J.’s homeland.  The pair chat with Fiona and share some music.

Gabriel Sings.. by Nuala Kennedy from Noble Stranger (Compass
Hop Nuala Kennedy from The New Shoes (Compass)     
Wee C Whistle Nuala Kennedy & Mike Bryan from A Wee Selection of Some Scottish Tunes (Under the Arch)    
Highlands and Nuala Kennedy from The New Shoes (Compass)    
The Boys of Oirialla from Oirialla (Lughnasa Music)   
Through the Oirialla from Oirialla (Lughnasa Music)     
Paddy's Nuala Kennedy from Noble Stranger (Compass)  
[ID Break] Dolphin Nuala Kennedy from The New Shoes (Compass)  
Bidh Clann Oirialla from Oirialla (Lughnasa Music)    
Cold Fine Friday from Gone Dancing (Foot Stompin) A.J. Roach from Dogwood Winter (Route 23 Music)
The Spider and the Nuala Kennedy from Tune In (Compass)