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Program 1636: Lowlands (October 2, 2014)  Week  40

From shipyards and farmlands to mills and mining villages, the Scottish Lowlands have been a hive of activity for centuries.  Tour the musical landscape with Archie Fisher, Deaf Shepherd, and Alison Kinnaird.

The Midlothian Mining The Easy Club from The Easy Club (Greentrax)
Lowlands Ian F. Benzie from I’se The B’y (Lochshore)
Life in the City/The March of the Billy Jackson from The Wellpark Suite (Iona) 
The Great Tannahill Weavers from Epona (Green Linnet)  
The Gates of Edinburgh/O’er Bogie/Mrs. Gordon A’ Jock Tamson’s Bairns from The Lasses Fashion  (Greentrax)   
The Lads o’ the Fair/Leith Dick Gaughan & Andy Irvine from Parallel Lines (Wundertute)
Plooman Christine Kydd from Dark Pearls (Culburnie)
ID Excerpt: The Lasses Fashion …by Jock Tamson’s Bairns from The Lasses Fashion (Greentrax
Pawkie Deaf Shepherd from Synergy (Greentrax
Ye Banks and Tony McManus from Ceol More (Greentrax)  
I Ha’e a Wife/The Tarbolton Jig/Tabolton Battlefield Band & Alison Kinnaird from Music in Trust 2 (Temple)
Blar Sliabh An t-Slorraidh/The Battle of Alison Kinnaird & Ann Heymann from The Harper’s Land   (Temple Records
Yonder Banks/The Shipyard Archie Fisher from Sunsets I’ve Galloped Into (Greentrax)
Last Train from Lanark/Boogie Woogie Croft No. Five from Attention All Personnel (Foot Stompin’)
A Glasgow Billy Jackson from The Wellpark Suite (Iona)