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Program 1620: On the Road (June 12, 2014)  Week 24 

Poetry tells the story this week, with songs and tunes inspired by poets’ lives and works.

Ride On…by Christy Moore from Ride On (Green Linnet)  
Never Tire of the Road…by Andy Irvine from Rude Awakening (Green Linnet)
The Rain Journey North…by The Easy Club from The Easy Club (Greentrax)
Ramblin’ Irishman…by Andy M. Stewart from Donegal Rain (Green Linnet)
To Pad the Road wi’ Me…by Ossian from Seal Song (Iona)
The Beggar Man…by Malinky from Last Leaves (Greentrax)   
Bonny Glenshee… by Jim Malcolm from Home (Beltane)
ID Excerpt: Waltzes: The Innocent Railway/Daphne’s Trousers/A Bruxa…by The Easy  Club from The Easy Club (Greentrax)    
Seven Yellow Gypsies…by Dolores Keane from There Was a Maid (Claddagh)
The Shaskenn Reel…by Dolores Keane from There Was a Maid (Claddagh
The Rovin Ploughboy…by Malinky from 3 Ravens (Greentrax)   
Light on a Distant Shore: Arrival/New York Harbour/Art Work on the Land/In the New  World…by Ossian from Light on a  Distant Shore (Iona)
Home…by Dougie MacLean from Inside the Thunder (Dunkeld)  
Rest and Be Thankful…by Battlefield Band from Out for the Night (Temple)
Missin'...by Chris Corrigan from The Crooked Mountain Road (Chris Corrigan)