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Program 1600: New Winter Sounds (January 23, 2014) Week 4

Fiona Ritchie introduces new releases from debuting artists that have caught her ear as well as favorite players who have helped to define the genre.

Reeling...by Gillian Boucher from Attuned (gillianboucher.com)
The Hiring Fair...by Fairport Convention from By Popular Request (Matty Grooves)
Primavera...by Simon Mayor from The Art of Mandolin (Acoustics)
The Giant's Cave/Go Ahead, Back Up...by Liz Carroll from On The Off Beat (lizcarroll.com)
Erin Gra Mo Chroi...by The Jig is Up from On Yer Toes (thejigisupband.com)
Fig for a Kiss/Seahamhac Tube Station...by Lilt from Little Falls (Lockhouse
[ID excerpt] The Wolf...by Liz Carroll from On The Off Beat (lizcarroll.com)
Battle Cry of Freedom/Bonaparte's Retreat… by Brian Christianson from Brian Christianson and Friends (thefiddlehouse.com)
There is a Time… by Brian Christianson featuring Nicole Christianson from Brian Christianson and Friends (thefiddlehouse.com)
Celtic Medley: Heman Dubh, The Lost Piper March, Voyage to Ireland, Suite Flamande Aux Pommes, Shi Beag Shi Mhor, The Rakkish Paddy, The Return from Fingal, Jigs: Merrily Kissed the Quaker/Cunla, Flamorgan Air, The Last Pint...by Pierre Bensusan from Encore (MVD Audio)
Seven Sisters...by Amy White with Al Petteway from Home Sweet Home (Fairewood Studios)