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Program 1581: Tucked Away (September 12, 2013) Week 37

Celtic musicians are often interested in forging a global fusion. Here are some that also strive to preserve distinct regional voices.  They include flute player Cathal McConnell’s with a collection of old field recordings and more hidden treasures with singers Mairead Ni Mhaonaigh (pron: Mair-aid Nee Weeney) and Christine Kydd, and fiddlers Pete Clark and Chris Stout.

Brucie and the Troopers/ The Flowers of Red Hill/ Where’s My Mace?....by Slainte Mhath from Imeachd:Odyssey (Hebcelt
Milltown Lasses/Lady Gardener's Troop...by Brenda McCann, Pat McManus from  Hidden Fermanagh (Fermanagh Music)
Kate From Ballinamore… by Annie MacKenzie from Hidden Fermanagh (Fermanagh Music)
Top of the Hill/Katie’s Lilt...by Francis Rasdale, Cathal McConnell & John, Pat & Fintan McManus from Hidden Fermanagh (Fermanach Music)
The Enchanted Lady/The Maids of Castlebar...by John Gordon & Charlie Lennon from  Within a Mile of Kilty (Cló lar- Chonnachta)
Brid Bhán...by Anna & Mairead Ni Mhaonaigh from Trad Tráthnóna (Tionscnamh Lugh)
The Rocks of Bawn...by Ian Smith from Trad Tráthnóna (Tionscnamh Lugh)
Boil the Breakfast Early/New Mown Meadows...by Johnny Connolly from An Mileoidean    (Cló lar-Chonnachta)
ID Excerpt: The Opera Reel (Lilting)…by John & Valerie McManus, Cathal McConnell from Hidden Fermanagh (Fermanagh Music)
Lord Gregory...by Christine Kydd from Dark Pearls  (Culburnie)
Miss Douglas's Strathspey/Mrs MacLeod of MacLeod’s Strathspey/ Miss Mercer’s Reel/Miss Ann Mackay's Favourite/Miss Barbara Hay's Favourite...by  Pete Clark from MacKintosh at Murthly (Inver)
An Melwez...by Dalla from More Salt! (Dalla Records)
Three Knights/An Vug E'n Loor...by Dalla from More Salt! (Dalla Records)
Phil Alexander's…by Chris Stout from Devil's Advocate (Greentrax)