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November 29, 2012 Print E-mail

Program 1540: Patsy Seddon (November 29, 2012) Week 48

Celebrated for her innovative contributions to The Poozies and Sileas, harper and singer Patsy Seddon joins Fiona for a musical chat.

Willie's Old Trousers...by the Poozies from Chantoozies (Hypertension)
High Flying Seagull...by Dougie MacLean (with Patsy Seddon) from Craigie Dhu (Dunkeld)
Tweedside/Mary Scott, the Flower of Yarrow...by Alison Kinnaird from The Silver String (Temple)
The Kid on the Mountain...by Alison Kinnaird (with Patsy Seddon) from The Harp Key (Temple)
The Judges Dilemma/The Inverness Gathering...by Sileas from Delighted With Harps (Green Linnet)
May Colvin...by Sileas from Play on Light (Greentrax)
Tha Mulad...by Sileas from Delighted With Harps (Green Linnet)
[ID excerpt]) Miss Ann Cameron of Balvenie...by Sileas from Play on Light (Greentrax)
Planxty Crockery/Domhnall Dubh...by Sileas from Play on Light (Greentrax)
Hey How My Johnny Lad...by The Poozies from Dansoozies (Hypertension)
Another Train...by the Poozies from Chantoozies (Hypertension)
Paddy...by The Poozies from Changed Days, Same Roots (Compass)