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Program 1508:  Horizons (April 19, 2012) Week 16

Tune into sounds that have turned a new generation onto Celtic music including flute and whistle player Michael McGoldrick, singer Emily Smith, and piper Stuart Cassells who fronts the Red Hot Chilli Pipers

James Brown’s March/Noon Lassies…by Michael McGoldrick from Fused (Vertical)
Skidoo…by Mairead Nesbitt from Raining Up (Vertical)
Edward of Morton…by Emily Smith from A Different Life (White Fall)
Scottish Piano Fusion…by Sandy Meldrum from Scottish Piano Fusion (Greentrax)
Waltz Harry lane/The Steampacket/Crowley’s #2…by Cé from Between Words  (Ce)
The Flower of Magherally O…by Pauline Scanlon from Hush (Compass)
Two of a Kind…by Lunasa from Sé (Compass
ID Excerpt: Reeling Piano – Catharsis…by Sandy Meldrum from Scottish Piano Fusion (Greentrax)
Suite de Larides…by Fraser Fifield Trio from Slow Stream  (Tanar)
Rasio’r Goleuadau…by Gwilym Morus from Traffic (Rasal)
Karabach…by Martyn Bennett & Tommy Smith from Ceol Tacsi (Vertical)
Kaleidoscope…by Shona Mooney from Heartsease (Footstompin)
Never…by Harem Scarem from Let Them Eat Fishcake (Vertical)
November…by Sunhoney from November (Vertical)
The Rutting/Athol Cummers/The Prince of Wales/Bodhran Solo/Angus McGonnagle, The Gargling Gargoyle… by Stuart  Cassells from Blown Away (Footstompin)