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Program 1501: Welsh Roots (March 1, 2012) Week 9 

Check out some emerging roots music from Wales with artists including master of the Welsh triple harp Robin Huw Bowen and singer songwriter Meic Stevens.

Swansea Barracks…by Rag Foundation from Minka (Fflach
Tros yr Aber – Over the Estuary…by Crasdant from Dwndwr – The Great Noise (Sain)
Elen a’r Eos…by Ffynnon from Adar Gwylltion (Taith
En filant ma Quenouille…by Ffynnon from Adar Gwylltion (Sain)
Malldraeth…by LIio Rhydderch & Elin Wyn Jones from Enlli (Fflach)  
A Ei Di’r ‘Deryn…by Ember from Open all the Doors (Salt & Slate Records
Moelyci…by Steve Eaves from Moelyci (Sain)   
ID excerpt: Bryn…by Toreth from Toreth (Fflach)   
Bwthyn…by Toreth from Toreth (Fflach)
Can y Fari…by Julie Murphy & Dyland Fowler from Ffawd (Fflach)  
Alabaina Wood…by Robin Huw Bowen from Y Fford I Aberystwyth – The Road to Aberystwyth (Sain)
Four Loom Weaver…by Rag Foundation from Minka (Fflach)
Storm…by Ember from Open All the Doors (Salt & Slate Records)  
Magi Tudur…by Tudur Huws Jones from Dalidrio (Sain)
Llwybr y Pererinion…by Llio Rhydderch from Enlli (Fflach)